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Export Control Law and Regulations Handbook: A Practical Guide to Military and Dual-Use Goods Trade Restrictions and Compliance, Third Edition by AUBIN

Export Control Law and Regulations Handbook, Third Edition

Edited by Yann Aubin, Arnaud Idiart


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Global Trade Law Series Volume 33

Export Control Law and Regulations Handbook provides a practical overview of the export/import control regimes covering defence and dual-use goods and services in fourteen key jurisdictions in addition to chapters on the international regime in general. The importance of export control laws and regulations in international trade continues to grow, not only because of the increase in world trade and technology dispersion but also due to concerns surrounding national and regional stability and the risk of terrorism. Accordingly, familiarity with export control laws and regulations around the world has become extremely important for those involved in the international trade of dual-use or military goods, technology, and services.

In this pre-eminent Handbook, now in its third edition, two experienced professionals have gathered contributions from expert practitioners and academics. This third edition adds three new country chapters (Brazil, Israel, and Sweden) and a new separate chapter on sanctions and embargoes.

What’s in this book:

Issues and topics covered include the following and much more:

  • import/export legal and regulatory requirements for controlled goods and services;
  • sanctions for breach of such requirements (civil, administrative, or criminal);
  • licence application processes;
  • arms, dual-use and other products embargo (including chemical and biological materials and technology); and
  • enforcement measures.

The structure of the Handbook is identical for all country chapters allowing the readers to quickly find the same information always in the same place regardless of which country chapter they are consulting. In addition, with the Handbook, a variety of practical documents (such as standard licences, permits, authorization, letters, processes) are made available to the readers online.

How this will help you:

The Handbook remains one of the best-selling works in the trade law portfolio. It provides in-depth, and easy to access information about the main questions that exporters or importers of controlled dual or military goods, technology, or services are confronted with on a day-to-day basis. The Handbook is invaluable to any professional (such as lawyers, compliance key players, procurement, logistics, finance, and customs practitioners) working in relation to an organization with a need to know the specific requirements to be followed for the efficient – and legally compliant – import or export of controlled military or dual-use goods, technologies, or services. The Handbook offers readers access to both substantial and practical information about a very complex and fast moving area of the law as well as an international network of practitioners and professionals that the editors have gathered.

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Table of Contents

List of Editors

List of Contributors



CHAPTER 1 Overall Introduction Yann Aubin & Arnaud Idiart

CHAPTER 2 Embargoes and Related Sanctions (European Union and United States Perspectives) Lourdes Catrain, Beth Peters, Haley Boyette & Christopher Lock

CHAPTER 3 International Regime Philippe Achilleas

CHAPTER 4 Brazil Pedro Paulo Salles Cristofaro, Daniela Bessone, Daniel de Avila Vio & Thiago Dias Oliva

CHAPTER 5 China Marion Feurtey

CHAPTER 6 The European Union Arnaud Idiart & Marion Ringot

CHAPTER 7 France Arnaud Idiart & Marion Ringot

CHAPTER 8 Germany Henrik Brethauer

CHAPTER 9 India Anand Prasad & Samsuddha Majumder

CHAPTER 10 Israel Doron Hindin

CHAPTER 11 Italy Stefano Tosi

CHAPTER 12 Japan Shinji Itoh & Takehiro Fujita

CHAPTER 13 Russian Federation Iliya Zotkin, Ivan Davydov & Clémence Bastien

CHAPTER 14 Spain David de Terán

CHAPTER 15 Sweden Mattias Hedwall

CHAPTER 16 United Kingdom David Lorello

CHAPTER 17 United States Corinne Kaplan, Candace Goforth & Julia Mason