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Get the Current, World-Class Expert Analysis You Need to Navigate Through Today's Most Complex Tax Issues.

Wolters Kluwer Expert Treatise Library, available on Cheetah for Tax, provides complete, up-to-date analysis of the pertinent tax issues affecting your business You'll get a new, complete perspective from acclaimed industry experts who translate complicated regulatory language into easy-to-understand commentary.

The titles within the Library are generally written by a team of attorneys, CPAs, and academics — and all are practicing experts in their respective fields. Only Wolters Kluwer offers the unique insights from each of these disciplines, giving you the assurance that all issues have been covered. In addition, links to primary source material are included to support your answers and practice. You also get the benefit of accessing valuable interactive practice aids to streamline your research.

The Wolters Kluwer Expert Treatise Library is currently comprised of 14 titles.

  • Federal Taxation of Corporations & Shareholders by Andrew Eisenberg, Daniel Schneider and Daniel White
  • Federal Taxation of Partnerships & Partners by Patricia Hughes-Mills, Thomas Humphreys, James Kehl and Stuart Rosow
  • Tax Practice & Procedure by Claudia Hill, Charles P. Rettig, and William P. Wiggins
  • Taxation of Compensation and Benefits – David Cartano
  • State Sales & Use Taxation by Joseph C. Moffa, Lloyd J. Looram, James H. Sutton, Gerald J. Donnini II
  • State Taxation of Income, and Other Business Taxes by Ben Miller, and Chris Whitney
  • International Taxation: Corporate & Individual by Philip Postlewaite and Mitchell B. Weiss
  • Federal Taxation of Subchapter S Corporations – Robert Jamison and Michael Schlesinger
  • Tax Accounting in Mergers and Acquisitions by Glenn Carrington
  • Federal and State Taxation of Limited Liability Companies – David Cartano
  • Tax Planning for Troubled Corporations by Gordon Henderson and Stuart Goldring
  • Corporations Filing Consolidated Returns by Mark Banks-Golub, Anthony Nitti, Joshua Brady and Michael Kosnitzky
  • Federal Research and Development Tax Incentives by Michael Rashkin
  • Price on Contemporary Estate Planning – Price and Donaldson
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