Store International Expansion and Diversification in Securitization Yearbook 2007
Expansion and Diversification in Securitization Yearbook 2007

Expansion and Diversification in Securitization Yearbook 2007

Edited by Jan Job de Vries Robbe, Paul U Ali


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The contributions in this volume elucidate both ‘synthetic securitization’ (which involves the investors in exposure-based securities to particular risks in exchange for a fee) and conventional securitization (issuance of securities for the primary purpose of raising funds for the originator or owner of the assets being securitized). The various contributions illustrate how the structures employed in securitizations are readily capable of being applied to a wide range of income-generating assets, including such innovative asset classes as the following:

• commercial mortgages

• student rents

• intellectual property rights

• carbon emission allowances

• life insurance policies

• project and infrastructure loans

• microfinance loans

• sovereign aid grants

• non-performing loans

• loans to finance corporate takeovers

• tax receivables and other public sector assets

In addition, this volume covers the emergence of new markets for securitization in Asia, Latin America, Islamic countries, and South Africa, as well as major developments in the accounting treatment of securitizations and evolving judicial attitudes to the underlying sale and credit derivative components of securitizations.

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Table of Contents

Chapter One. Loan Trading Considerations under a CDO Christopher Whiteley and Diane Mage Roberts Chapter Two. U.S. Developments in Synthetic Securitisation: Rampant Growth and the Spectre of SEC Regulation Ellen Clark Chapter Three. Ratings Methodology for FX CDOs and CCOs Kimon Gkomozias, Emanuele Tamburrano and Lapo Guadagnuolo Chapter Four. The Dance of Debt: Learning About Income Securitization in a Small UK University Peter Armstrong Chapter Five. Securitising Intellectual Property, with Some Comments on Taiwan Paul Ali Chapter Six. Eco-Finance and Securitisation: Carbon as a New Asset Class Paul Ali Chapter Seven. Managed Life: Securitisation of Life Insurance Policies Paul Ali Chapter Eight. Securitisation in Japan Peter Kilner and Masayuki Okamoto Chapter Nine. Securitisation in the Project Finance and Infrastructure Arena Julian Tucker and Ian Harvey-Samuel Chapter Ten. Microfinance Securitisation: Thinking Outside the Box Jan Job de Vries Robbé Chapter Eleven. Securitization in Latin America Esteban Buljevich and Mariano Fabrizio Chapter Twelve. International Finance Facility for Immunisation Company – a Case Study of the Monetisation of Sovereign Grants for Development Purposes James Darcy Chapter Thirteen. Islamic Securitization: Advances and Peculiarities Mahmoud El-Gamal Chapter Fourteen. South African Securitisation Issuances on International Markets Jason van der Poel Chapter Fifteen. European CMBS: Structure and Developments Sander Beekwilder and Cora Mos Chapter Sixteen. Servicing Italian CMBS Transactions Giuseppe Schiavello Chapter Seventeen. Securitisation of Non-Performing Loans Pedro Cassiano Santos and André Figueiredo Chapter Eighteen. Financing the Westinghouse Acquisition Mary Matson and Paul Kruger Chapter Nineteen. Accounting for Securitisations: The Post-IFRS World Tim Coyne Chapter Twenty. Recharacterisation Risk in Securitisation and Other Structured Finance Transactions – Looking Beyond the Demise of the Fixed Charge Anne-Marie Neagle Chapter Twenty-one. Securitisation in Asia and Latin America Compared Jacob Gyntelberg and Camilo Tovar Chapter Twenty-two. The Evolution of Public Sector Securitisation in Emerging Markets Andreas Jobst