Store Legal Evidence: Practice Under the Rules, Fourth Edition
Evidence: Practice Under the Rules, Fourth Edition

Evidence: Practice Under the Rules, Fourth Edition

By Laird C. Kirkpatrick, Christopher B. Mueller, Charles H. Rose III


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In this valuable tool for litigators, Evidence: Practice Under the Rules, Fourth Edition provides a comprehensive yet easy-to-use guide to the Federal Rules of Evidence and their state counterparts. They explore a wide range of applications that are difficult or important in practice and suggest new approaches to surmount challenges. They provide practical, expert guidance on such crucial issues as:

  • New standards governing the admissibility of scientific evidence
  • Testimony on social frameworks and syndromes
  • The Confrontation Clause and the admissibility of hearsay
  • Admissibility of prior offenses
  • The Rape Shield provision
  • Refreshing witnesses' memories
  • Repair and rehabilitation of impeached witnesses
  • Nonconviction misconduct
  • How a privilege must be claimed and how it can be waived
  • The scope of professional, familial, and governmental evidentiary privileges

For each case cited you'll find a two-sentence summary, so you can quickly and effortlessly find those cases most relevant to the issues you're researching.

Last Updated 08/09/2017
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Table of Contents

  1. Preliminary Matters
  2. Judicial Notice
  3. Burdens and Presumptions
  4. Relevancy and Its Limits
  5. Privileges
  6. Witnesses
  7. Opinions and Expert Testimony; Scientific Evidence
  8. Hearsay
  9. Foundational Evidence, Authentication
  10. The Best Evidence Doctrine