Store International European Integration and International Co-ordination: Studies in Transnational Economic Law in Honour of Claus-Dieter Ehlermann
European Integration and International Co-ordination: Studies in Transnational Economic Law in Honour of Claus-Dieter Ehlermann

European Integration and International Co-ordination: Studies in Transnational Economic Law in Honour of Claus-Dieter Ehlermann

By Armin Von Bogdandy, Petros C. Mavroidis, Yves Mény


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Claus-Dieter Ehlermann is widely regarded as among the most knowledgeable, far-sighted, and creative shapers, practitioners, and scholars of European law. Among the prominent legal roles he has played in his influential career, his leadership of the Legal Service of the European Commission is perhaps the best known. This liber amicorum appears as his term at the Appellate Body of the World Trade Organization draws to a close.

In this book thirty of his distinguished colleagues offer fresh and provocative insights into many of the areas of international law on which Prof. Dr. Ehlermann has left his stamp. Topics include:

  • the WTO dispute settlement system;
  • regulation of trade barriers;
  • the first signs of a global jurisprudence;
  • the principle of proportionality;
  • enforcement of competition law; and
  • the place of human rights in European and global integration.

    In its wide-ranging appreciation of the many tributaries that must come together if legal and economic integration is to be both human and prosperous - whether in Europe or in a wider field - European Integration and International Coordination is a rare work. Its precise but far-reaching evaluations and proposals, worthy of the scholar and practitioner to whom they are dedicated, will find thought-provoking echoes in the minds of all those concerned with any of the integration processes under way in today's interdependent world.

  • Publish Date 03/01/2002
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    ISBN 9789041117700
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    Table of Contents
    Introduction, Message à l’attention de Claus Ehlermann and Jacques Delors, En l’honneur de Claus-Dieter Ehlermann and Karel van Miert, WTO Disputes: The Battles in the Trade Wars- A Win-Win Game? Or a Lottery? Roderick Abbott, Legal Equality, Legal Certainty, and Subsidiarity in Transnational Economic Law – Decentralized Application of Art. 81.3 EC and WTO Law: Why and Why not Armin von Bogdandy, On the International Morality of WTO Law Jacques H.J. Bourgeois, The EU Trade Barriers Regulation Comes of Age Marco Bronckers and Natalie McNelis, A Theory of Direct Effect in Global Law Thomas Cottier, Vers un Ordre Juridique Mondial? Jean-Louis Dewost, Competition and National Rule-Making David Edward, From European Communities to European Union- By Convergence to Consistency Ulrich Everling, The Spokesman and the Law Jonathan Faull, The Contribution of the European Union to Public International Law J.A. Frowein, The Substantive Legality Test under Article 81-3 EC Treaty- Revisited in Light of the Commission’s Modernization Initiative Luc Gyselen, The Principles of Proportionality on its Way into WTO/GATT Law Meinhard Hilf and Sebastian Puh, “Good Governsnce” in the European Internal Market- Two Competing Legal Conceptualisations of European Integration and their Synthesis Christian Joerges, OLAF vs. DG Competition: A Comparison of the Community’s Anti-Fraud Enforcement System with its Competition Enforcement System Laraine L. Laudati, The Birth of Modern Competition Law in Europe Giuliano Marenco, Competition Policy in the Framework of WTO Mitsuo Matsushita, AmicusCuriae Briefs before the WTO: Much Ado about Nothing Petros C. Mavroidis, The Future of the European Treaties: A Systematic Approach to a Basic Treaty Peter-Christian Müller-Graff, Removing the Notification of Agreements: Some Consequences for Ex Post Monitoring Damien J. Neven, The Division of Economic Policy Powers between the European Community and its Member States- Status quo and Proposals de lege ferenda Ingolf Pernice and Frank Hoffmeister, Human Rights in European and Global Integration Law: Principles for Constitutionalizing the World Economy Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann, Liberalisation of the European Energy Markets: The Perspective of Competiotion Policy Alexander Schaub, Amicus Curiae: Participant or Friend? The WTO and NAFTA Experience Debra P. Steger, Reckoning with the Past in the Czech Republic: A Test of the Homogeneity Clause Pursuant to Article 6 EC Treaty Christian Tomuschat, Babel- One Language and One Speech J.H.H. Weiler, List of Publications by Prof.Dr. Claus-Dieter Ehlermann, Index