Store International European Community Merger Control: A Practitioner'S Guide

European Community Merger Control: A Practitioner'S Guide

By Barry E. Hawk, Henry Huser
Softcover Book

Softcover Book

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European Community Merger Control: A Practitioner's Guide presents a current and comprehensive `one-stop' review of jurisdictional, procedural and substantive issues, arising under the European Community's merger control system.

The treatise, written by practitioners for practitioners, presents legal, economic and comparative analyses of the European system and real-world solutions to enable antitrust advisors to guide their clients' mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures successfully through the Merger Regulation's sometimes turbulent regulatory waters.

Publish Date 06/01/1996
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789041102553
SKU 10057745-0001
Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Concentrations
  3. Community Dimension
  4. Jurisdictional Issues
  5. Relevant Market Definition
  6. Single-Firm Dominance
  7. Oligopolistic (Collective) Dominance and Other Substantive Liability Theories
  8. Affirmative Defenses
  9. Collateral Restrictions
  10. Procedure
  11. Enforcement Powers and Appeals
  12. Application of Articles 85 and 86 to Structural Transactions