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EU Labour Law: A Commentary

Edited by Monika Schlachter


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EU Labour Law: A Commentary is your complete guide to the current state of EU labour law. Quickly find complete answers to any question in EU labour law with this practical one volume source.

Beginning with the relevant provisions of the EU Treaty, the chapters proceed through directives related to equality, conditions of employment, employment protection, and information and consultation. You’ll find each complete primary text augmented with article by article commentary by a well-known expert in the field of national and EU labour law.

No other single source covers in such detail both the relevant EU provisions and their implementation and judicial consequences in Member States.

How will this improve your practice?

  • Expert guidance – article by article commentary on most labour relevant EU legislation to allow you to practice with the confidence that you have the knowledge and information you require.
  • Easy to use – straightforward format allows you to efficently find precise and complete content on any EU labour-related topic. Having all the information in one volume, obviates the need to search amongst a range of sources, saving you valuable research time.
  • Practical knowledge – discusses the implementation and judicial consequences of the implementation of relevant EU provisions in the Member States

.Expert commentary on the below and more:

  • up-to-date relevant case law of the CJEU and national courts;
  • analysis of the intention of the participating law making bodies;
  • consequences in specific national legal systems as discussed in legal doctrine in Member States;
  • analysis of emerging difficulties and proposed solutions for domestic legal systems.

EU Labour Law: A Commentary, edited by Monika Schlachter, is an extraordinarily through sourcebook on EU labour law, and will be of immense value to legal practitioners, academics and business managers working in this field.

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Pages 664
Publish Date 11/18/2014
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ISBN 9789041149787
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Table of Contents

Part I. Introduction to EU Labour Law: European Legal Framework, EU Treaty Provisions and Charter of Fundamental Rights; M. Weiss.

Part II. Equality Directives.

Chapter 1. 2006/54/EC: Gender Equality; R. Nielsen.

Chapter 2. 2000/78/EC: Framework Equality Directive; C. O’Cinneide, K. Liu.

Chapter 3. 2000/43/EC: Racial Equality; O. Razzolini.

Part III. Conditions of Employment.

Chapter 1. 1991/533/EEC: Information on Contract Conditions; M. Houwerzijl.

Chapter 2. 1996/71/EC: Posting of Workers; F. Schierle.

Chapter 3. 1997/81/EC: Part Time Work; G. Kiss.

Chapter 4. 1999/70/EC: Fixed Term Contracts; M. Schlachter.

Chapter 5. 2008/104/EC: Temporary Agency Work; B. Nyström.

Part IV. Employment Protection.

Chapter 1. 1992/85/EEC: Maternity Protection; E. Kovács, C. Hießl.

Chapter 2. 1994/33/EC: Protection of Young People at Work; P. Končar .

Chapter 3. 1998/59/EC: Collective Redundancy; A. M. Świątkowski .

Chapter 4. 2003/88/EC: Working Time; M. Risak.

Chapter 5. 2001/23/EC: Transfer of Undertakings; N. Countouris, W. Njoya.

Chapter 6. 2008/95/EC: Employer Insolvency; T. Davulis.

Chapter 7. 2010/18/EU: Parental Leave; M. Houwerzijl.

Part V. Information and Consultation.

Chapter 1. 2002/14/EC: Framework Information and Consultation; E. Ales.

Chapter 2. 2009/38/EC: European Works Council; P. Lorber.

Chapter 3. 2001/86/EC: Consultation in SE; J. Mulder.