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Environmental Regulation Of Oil And Gas

Environmental Regulation Of Oil And Gas

By Zhiguo Gao


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Despite the recent proliferation of environmental literature, publications on environmental control of petroleum activities are still very rare. This book fills this gap by providing the first major volume focused specifically on environmental regulation of oil and gas.

This book contains exclusive in-depth articles written by well-known scholars, international lawyers, and practitioners from around the world.

The book deals with the environmental aspect of the hydrocarbon cycle in general and oil and gas exploration and production in particular. Its main thrust is management of environmental legal risks and issues in upstream operations.

Part of the objective of this book is to introduce the best practices and legal tools of environmental management of petroleum exploration and production to the international oil community and other parties interested in the subject.

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Table of Contents
Editor's Preface, List of Tables and Figures, List of Abbreviations, List of Acknowledgments Part I – Introduction Chapter 1 Environmental Regulation of Oil and Gas in the Twentieth Century and Beyond: An Introduction and Overview Zhiguo Gao Part II - International Regulation Chapter 2 The Oil and Gas Industry in the Tangled Web of Environmental Regulation: Spider or Fly? Ayesha Dias Chapter 3 International Legal Regime for the Protection of the Marine Environment Against Operational Pollution from Offshore Petroleum Activities Sergei V. Vinogradov and Jay Paul Wagner Chapter 4 International Law on Offshore Abandonment: Recent Developments, Current Issues and Future Directions Zhiguo Gao Part III - Regional Regulation Chapter 5 European Union Environmental Law and Policy in Relation to Oil and Gas Donald A. Reid Chapter 6 The European Energy Charter and Treaty and the Environment Robin Griffith Chapter 7 Regional Perspectives on Trade and Environment: The European Union Joachim Scherer Part IV - National Regulation Chapter 8 Environmental Regulation of the Oil and Gas Industry in the U.S.A James E. Hickey, Jr. Chapter 9 The Oil Industry and the Extraterritorial Application of US Environmental Law Ernest E. Smith Chapter 10 Environmental Issues in International Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Jill A. Kotvis Chapter 11 Directions in European and the United Kingdom Environmental Policy and Legislation Christopher Napier Part V - Corporate Environmental Management Chapter 12 Approaches to Minimizing the Environmental and Social Impacts of Oil Development in the Tropics Amy B. Rosenfeld, Debra L. Gordon and Marianne Guerin-McManus Chapter 13 Quality Standards for Corporate Environmental Management Eric Borremans Chapter 14 Managing Environmental Legal Risks in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Activities Kit Armstrong Part VI - Contractual, Downstream and Sustainability Issues Chapter 15 Environmental Concepts and Terms in Petroleum Legislation and Contracts: A Preliminary Study Ibibia Lucky Worika Chapter 16 Downstream Energy: Resuming a Leadership Role John C. Gault Chapter 17 Sustainable Development of Petroleum Resources: The Rumpus and Resolution Stanley Nwabuishi Onuosa Appendices, Selected Bibliography, Index