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Enforcement of Foreign Judgments

Enforcement of Foreign Judgments

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Free trade agreements, the growing expansion of international business, open-border politics--each in its own way offers major opportunities for world trade and new hope for individuals seeking to better their standard of living. But these new opportunities may come with challenges. The complications which can arise in a breakdown of contracts in multinational transactions and an attempt to enforce foreign judgements can prove costly and time-consuming.

Enforcement of Foreign Judgements helps alleviate the time and costs of consulting foreign attorneys or government agencies for information regarding the specific procedures of individual nations and their policies towards enforcement of foreign judgements. It addresses the most pertinent specifications, requirements, and legislation of each individual nation. Topics addressed include:

  • Currency regulations and restrictions
  • Documentary requirements
  • Special treaties
  • Translation of documents
  • Pending proceedings and
  • Service requirements.

Having this crucial information on hand in a practical looseleaf guide allows users to research a particular country's requirements regarding enforcement policies without the need to search numerous separate sources. Periodic updates assure that Enforcement of Foreign Judgements includes all countries in which international business takes place.

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Table of Contents

List of Authors
Signatures and Ratifications
Questionnaire by Louis Garb

Chapters per country:

  1. Uniformity of Law and Regulation
  2. Judgments
    2.1 Definition
    2.2 Categories of Judgments
    2.3 Reciprocity
  3. Currency Regulations and Restrictions
  4. Documentary Requirements
  5. Conventions
  6. Authentication of Documents
  7. Translation of Documents
  8. Reopening or Review of Judgments
  9. Pending Procedure
  10. Defences
  11. Jurisdiction
  12. Contractual Waiver
  13. Service Requirements
  14. Cession
  15. Interim Relief
  16. Interest
  17. Time of Enforcement and Subsequent Action
  18. Expenses, Legal Fees and Security for Costs
  19. Bankruptcy/Liquidation
  20. Lawyers
  21. International Treaties
  22. Cross-Examination of Deponent’s Affidavit
  23. The Required Affidavit
  24. New Action Instead of Enforcement
  25. Prescription
  26. States cantons
  27. Bibliography
  28. Statutes/Cases

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