Store International Energy Policy and Regulation in the People's Republic of China
Energy Policy and Regulation in the People's Republic of China

Energy Policy and Regulation in the People's Republic of China

By Philip Andrews Speed


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China is the world¿s second largest consumer of commercial energy and is therefore a significant contributor to atmospheric pollution. It is becoming a major player in global and regional markets for energy products, services and investment. This book provides an overview of the formulation and implementation of energy policy in China. Part One provides background information on China¿s energy sector. Part Two examines the nature of China¿s energy policy and of the policy-making process, with examples drawn from the coal and natural gas sectors, as well as from the government¿s drive to promote energy conservation and energy efficiency. Part Three focuses on recent efforts to reform the energy sector in China and to regulate it more effectively, paying particular attention to the electrical power sector and to small-scale coal mines. Part Four evaluates, from the perspective of the citizen, policy relating to the electrical power sector and to the closure of small-scale coal mines. Part Five addresses the international dimensions of China¿s energy policy, with accounts of both inward and outward investment, and of the international political implications.

About the author: Dr Philip Andrews-Speed is Director of the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy at the University of Dundee, Scotland. He spent fourteen years as a geologist in the international mining and petroleum industries before coming to the Centre in 1994, gaining an LLM in Energy Law and Policy, and joining the academic staff.

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Table of Contents
Preface, Acknowledgements Part One Introduction Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Background to China’s energy sector Part Two Energy Policy and Policy-Making in China Chapter 3 Energy policy and policy-making Chapter 4 China’s evolving energy policy Chapter 5 Thirty years of government policy towards township and village coal mines Chapter 6 A framework for policy-making for small-scale mines Chapter 7 Policy challenges for the development of China’s natural gas industry Chapter 8 Energy conservation and energy efficiency policy: past success and future challenges Part Three Reform and Regulation of China’s Energy Sector Chapter 9 Energy sector liberalisation and its prospects in China Chapter 10 The 1998 structural reforms of China’s energy sector Chapter 11 The regulation of township and village coal mines: a study of complexity and ineffectiveness Chapter 12 Reform of the electrical power industry: challenges facing the government Chapter 13 Formulating the first steps in power sector reform: the case of Guangdong Province Part Four Social Dimensions of China’s Energy Policy Chapter 14 The impact on consumers of reform of the electrical power industry Chapter 15 The socio-economic impact of and responses to the closure of township and village coal-mines: a preliminary account Part Five International Dimensions of China’s Energy Policy Chapter 16 The foreign investment regime for upstream oil and gas Chapter 17 The challenges facing foreign investors in electrical power generation Chapter 18 The international dimensions of China’s petroleum security policy Chapter 19 China’s integration into the world energy system: the challenges ahead Selected Bibliography, Maps, Index