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If you're searching for the most complete and current coverage of laws, regulations, and official documents of the DOE, then we have the answer for you--the CCH Energy Management and Federal Energy Guidelines.

Since 1973, Energy Management and Federal Energy Guidelines has continuously covered federal activities related to the regulation of energy--primarily oil and gas. Energy Management and Federal Energy Guidelines arose out of the federal government's response to the Arab oil embargo,which brought home America's vulnerability to the political policy decisions of foreign countries upon which we were dependent for raw materials that produce our energy. CCH, currently the official publisher of the Federal Energy Guidelines, is also the only publisher to offer an exact reproduction of the Guidelines for commercial purchase.

The coverage focuses primarily on current federal and industry policies on oil and gas leasing, particularly offshore drilling and royalties and the projected outlook for those energy sources, but all facets of energy are covered-- including alternative energy sources.

In addition, Energy Management and Federal Energy Guidelines covers current congressional actions related to a variety of energy matters, energy-associated functions of all federal agencies and the prospects for alternative energy sources, both now and in the future. Subscribe today to:

  • Stay abreast of the government's energy policies with an exact replica of the Federal Energy Guidelines used by the Department of Energy (DOE)
  • Obtain full text, up-to-date coverage of all facets of energy-- from fossil fuels to alternative power sources
  • Receive monthly updates delivered directly to you along with a Report Letter that highlights the progress of current energy policies and trends
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the laws through one volume devoted to CCH explanations of energy laws and regulations
  • Ensure your company or client complies with the DOE or Department of Interior administrative policies and regulations relating to the energy policies for gas and oil
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