Store International EC Merger Decisions Digest- The Complete Guide to EC Merger Regulations Decisions

EC Merger Decisions Digest- The Complete Guide to EC Merger Regulations Decisions

Edited by Michel Struys, Jeremy Robinson


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With company mergers an ever-present feature of daily business life in Europe and the wider world, it is essential that practitioners' legal, corporate and financial become familiar not only with the regulatory law governing merger activity but also with the growing body of case law embodied in the decisions of the European Commission. EC Merger Decisions Digest is the resource that all business people and their advisers will use for this knowledge and information. There is no better tool for rapid and efficient analysis of prospective mergers.

Written by two outstanding practitioners specialising in EU competition law and EU regulatory matters, the Digest is a regularly updated looseleaf that provides not only every decision in concise summary/analysis format of the European Comission under the EC Merger Regulation, but a clear and easy-to-read presentation of the economic principles underlying the market definitions upheld by the Commission. It includes such useful features as the following:

  • standardised summaries of every decision of the European Commission under the EC Merger Regulation, grouped together in some 30 chapters according to the main economic sector concerned;
  • an easy-to-read, very brief and straightforward summary of the key procedural and substantive points of each decision;
  • an interest rating for each case from least interesting to most interesting;
  • an invaluable summary of product and geographic market definitions upheld and left open by the Commission by product sector;
  • a straightforward summary of the basic economic principles underlying how markets are defined; and
  • a user guide to obtain maximum and speediest benefit from the work.

    The text is in English, even if the language of the original decision is not.

    Practitioners and advisers from the diverse sectors of corporate and competition law, investment banking or private equity will quickly find information relating to the product and geographic market definitions upheld by the Commission, and readily understand the principles underlying the Commission¿s findings. Users will rapidly find the most important decisions in each sector, obtain the key facts, and identify the reasons underlying each decision. Each summary contains full reference citations to the original text of the decision.

    With the Digest, practitioners and business people can be confident of uncovering every potential pitfall and considered every advantage possible in the circumstances of any deal, right up to the last minute of the process. With its regular updates, economic sector focus, and uncompromising practical orientation toward M&A practice, EC Merger Decisions Digest is the only product of its kind in any format. It would be hard to name an item in a European company law library that will get more use, day in and day out, for years to come.

    Price includes (all supplements which will be published in 2005) Please note when ordering this publication, you will automatically be registered to receive all future updates and supplements. As of January 2006 an invoice will accompany the new updates.

  • Last Updated 02/09/2005
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    Table of Contents
      General Section

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      How to Use this Guide

      Index of Decisions

      Jurisdictional Rules

    1. Chemicals
    2. Construction
    3. Defence
    4. Education
    5. Energy
    6. Farming and Land Management
    7. Financial Services
    8. Food, Beverage and Tobacco
    9. Hotels and Leisure
    10. Industrial Goods
    11. Insurance
    12. Intermediary Goods
    13. Internet
    14. IT and Telecoms Hardware/Software
    15. Media and Printing
    16. Minerals and Metals
    17. Packaging
    18. Pharmaceutical Products
    19. Professional and Health Services
    20. Post and Telecoms
    21. Property
    22. Retail Manufacturing
    23. Textiles and Leather
    24. Transport Manufacture
    25. Transport Services
    26. Waste Management
    27. Water
    28. Wholesale and Retail Trade
    29. Wood and Wood Products