Store International E-Commerce: Law and Jurisdiction: Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business - Special Issue 2002

E-Commerce: Law and Jurisdiction: Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business - Special Issue 2002

Edited by Dennis Campbell, Susan Woodley


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The special issue of the Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business deals with the very topical subject of e-commerce. This is an area that has seen an explosion of interest in recent years but, since the increase in the use of the Internet as a vehicle for conducting business transactions has been so rapid, the law has again fallen behind, particularly in the areas of regulation and jurisdiction.

The situation is changing, however, with the introduction of both national and international legislation dealing with issues and relating to, inter alia, data protection, privacy, electronic signatures, consumer protection and morality. The authors in this volume provide commentaries on the most recent developments in various jurisdictions, including the approach of the European Union to the problems raised by e-commerce. They discuss the difficulties in relation to jurisdiction arising from the global nature of Internet and the possibilities for dispute resolution between multi national parties to an electronic transaction.

The topic is obviously one that will require much attention in the coming years and one which will need strict regulation if electronic commerce is destined to become the trading medium of the future.

Last Updated 11/01/2002
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Table of Contents
Jurisdiction and the Internet, and European Regulation 44 of 2001 Marco Berliri, The European Privacy Directive and Its Implications in the United States David Williams Russell, E-Commerce: Directives of the European Union and Implementation in German Law Hans-Josef Vogel, E-Commerce and European Competition Law Wahe H Balekjian, Liability of Internet Service Providers: Recent Developments Abbe E.L. Brown Alternative Dispute Resolution for Global Consumers in E-Commerce Transactions Susan L. Donegan Competition Law and E-Business: Limitations on Cooperation and Distribution Systems Sabine Fehringer United States Taxation of International E-Commerce Derek Gilman Data Protection and E-Commerce in Germany Karolin Poll and Matthias Nordmann Perspectives on E-Commerce Regulation in Brazil Ana Carolina Horta Barretto Law on E-Commerce, E-Signature and E-Message Law in Ecuador Patricia Ponce-Arteta E-Commerce in Hungary Peter Szemim A Legal Overview of Hosting and Housing Agreements Francesca Colombo and Marzia Francisci Facing up to Service Level Agreements Alexandros G. Economou Unfair Terms in E-Contracts: The European Viewpoint Massimo Sterpi Application Services Provider Transactions Allan P Weeks Index