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Determining Economic Damages - James Publishing by David A. Macpherson ,Stanley P. Stephenson ,Gerald D. Martin

Determining Economic Damages - James Publishing

By Stanley P. Stephenson, David A. Macpherson, Gerald D. Martin


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This toolbook is loaded with practical forms, procedures, tables, and tactics from two veteran economists who have consulted on thousands of cases. The explanations are thorough, the math is straightforward, and the advice is detailed and valuable. Whether or not your case justifies retaining an expert, Determining Economic Damages can guide you start-to-finish through damage assessment and proof:

  • Determine past and future income losses.
  • Compute the value of fringe benefits.
  • Adjust for personal consumption.
  • Adjust for income taxes.
  • Measure the replacement value of household services.
  • Compute life and worklife expectancy.
  • Convert medical and rehabilitation reports into dollar values.
  • Convert future losses to their present value.
  •  Put everything together to calculate loss.
  • Prepare your case and expert for trial.
  • Depose and cross-examine the opposing expert.

Determining Economic Damages comes with over 100 questionnaires, Tables, and Worksheets developed by expert finance professor Dr. Gerald Martin.

Use proven procedures, checklists, samples and tables to value economic loss in wrongful death and PI cases. Learn how to calculate damages, what to ask an expert economist, which tables to consult for current information on damages and more.

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Publish Date 08/06/2018
Publish Frequency Annually
Product Line Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S.
ISBN 9781945421778
SKU 10066218-0001
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Damages Expert
Chapter 2 Overview of Data Needed by the Economist
Chapter 3 Past and Future Earnings
Chapter 4 Determining the Value of Employer Paid Benefits
Chapter 5 Adjusting for Personal Consumption and Support Factors
Chapter 6 Determining the Value of Non-Market Work, Especially Household Production, as a Component of Economic Damages
Chapter 7 Loss Duration; Life Expectancy; and Worklife Expectancy
Chapter 8 How to Include Income Tax in the Evaluation
Chapter 9 Using Reports of Medical and Rehabilitation Experts
Chapter 10 Legal Opinions
Chapter 11 Interest Rates and Present Value
Chapter 12 A Sampling of Methods to Calculate Losses
Chapter 13 Putting It All Together
Chapter 14 Tactics and Strategy
Chapter 15 Hedonic Damages—The Value of Human Life
Chapter 16 Commercial Economic Damages
Chapter 17 Structured Settlements