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Cybersecurity Policy Report is a daily newsletter that provides in-depth news and analysis of rules and requirements detailing how operations of owners and operators of commercial and enterprise networks must protect those networks and any data and personal information that they compile.

Network security and privacy policies are being debated in a number of congressional committees, at several federal agencies, within a number of public-private working groups, in international regulatory bodies, and in state legislatures and regulatory bodies.

Cybersecurity Policy Report gathers - in one place - coverage of the network security policy steps from the myriad different sources and ensure that readers are fully informed. In addition, Cybersecurity Policy Report provides:

  • Detailed, unbiased reporting on legislation, regulation, and policy rulings that goes deeper than the surface-level and often hysterical reporting found elsewhere
  • "Early warning" coverage of policy developments, such as regulations as they are being proposed and legislation as it is being drafted, to give you time to try to shape the debate and to prepare for any new policies
  • Information on compliance expectations for new policies that are being contemplated and implemented
  • Extensive detail and expert reporting on the details of any policies under consideration



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