Store Government / Corporate Cost-Reimbursement Contracting, Fourth Edition
Cost-Reimbursement Contracting, Fourth Edition Cost-Reimbursement Contracting, Fourth Edition

Cost-Reimbursement Contracting, Fourth Edition

By John Cibinic, Jr., Stephen D. Knight , Ralph C. Nash, Jr.
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This seminal text was originally authored by John Cibinic, Jr. and Ralph C. Nash, Jr., Professors and co-founders of the Government Contracts Program at the National Law Center of George Washington University. Now in its Fourth Edition, it is fully updated by Professor Nash and Steven Knight, also a successful attorney and teacher on government contracts law and policy.

Cost-Reimbursement Contracting, contains material on the formation of cost-reimbursement contracts as well as their administration from cradle to grave, with special emphasis on the detailed rules governing the allowability of costs. The book is organized in a clear and logical manner, and makes use of a large number of headings and subheadings to distinguish among the numerous detailed issues that arise in this area. The headings and subheadings also appear in a detailed table of contents, which provides a clear roadmap that shows the fundamental logic of each chapter. A comprehensive subject index can also be used to locate specific topics.

In addition to fully updating the text, this new edition adds citations to hundreds of relevant statutes and regulations, as well as court, administrative board, and Government Accountability Office decisions, that were issued since the last edition was published. These citations provide and excellent source for additional research on relevant issues.

This comprehensive text will save the reader countless hours and significant effort in researching important issues and legal precedent related to cost-reimbursement contracts. In addition, detailed familiarity with the content will help the reader gain important knowledge and insight, and establish expertise, in this complicated area of government contracting.

Pages 1328
Publish Date 08/24/2014
Publish Frequency Updated periodically
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ISBN 9780808034087
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Pages 1464
Publish Date 09/01/2014
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Table of Contents
  • Purpose and Nature of Cost-Reimbursement Contracting
  • Types of Cost-Reimbursement Contracts
  • Planning the Cost-Reimbursement Acquisition
  • Soliciting and Submitting Proposals
  • Evaluating Proposals
  • Conducting the Negotiations and Award
  • Negotiation of Cost and Fee
  • Cost and Accounting Rules
  • General Standards of Liability
  • Special Cost Items
  • Contract Administration
  • Audit and Payment
  • Contract Disputes


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