Store International Corporate Social Responsibility: The Corporate Governance of the 21st Century - 2nd edition
Corporate Social Responsibility: The Corporate Governance of the 21st Century - 2nd edition

Corporate Social Responsibility: The Corporate Governance of the 21st Century - 2nd edition

Edited by Ramon Mullerat


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The current theory of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is developing along three interwoven lines – oral, social, and environmental. Although everybody recognizes that although CSR is of growing concern in a globalized economy, it being at the top of the board of director’s agenda and also good for business, there is no sign of consensus on its rules, structures, or procedures. Now, this collection of essays by leading jurists, businesspeople, and academics takes a giant step toward a more cohesive and durable set of principles that can contribute to a cleaner environment and a better society while respecting and protecting the interests of all stakeholders.

The authors approach this complex but critical subject from a variety of perspectives, including the following: ;

  • the role of CSR in corporate governance;
  • ;
  • the legal enforceability of CSR rules;
  • the impact of international human rights standards;
  • ;
  • CSR as part of ‘corporate DNA’;
  • choice of CSR strategy – defensive or offensive;
  • the need for fair competition between developing country exporters;
  • the prospects for international social protection for workers;
  • enforcement of minimal standards in remote locations;
  • the active search for eco-efficient solutions;
  • corporate assumption of human rights responsibilities;
  • the legal weight of codes of conduct; and
  • the role of the lawyer in CSR.

In a world where the annual income of the five largest business corporations is more than double the combined GNPs of the fifty poorest countries, the need for meaningful standards of corporate social responsibility should be obvious. The well-informed and considered analyses in this remarkable volume provide an excellent starting point for those anxious to move the agenda forward in this area that, despite the efforts of many companies, often seems so intractable. The book will be of immeasurable value to all professionals and academics in relevant fields of law, policy, and business.

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Table of Contents
Foreword to the Second Edition About the Authors Part I Presentation Chapter 1 The Global Responsibility of Business Ramon Mullerat Part II General Overview Chapter 2 Business Ethics Rosamund Thomas Chapter 3 CSR and Corporate ­Governance Mark Walsh & John Lowry Chapter 4 The Soul of the Corporation Gerald Milward-Oliver Chapter 5 Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Policy Chapter 6 Corporate Social Responsibility in a Changing Corporate World Jerome J. Shestack Part III The Main Objectives of Corporate Social Responsibility Chapter 7 The Triple Bottom Line: Building Shareholder Value James Roselle Chapter 8 Labour Standards and Corporate Social Responsibility: The Need for a Planetary Bargain Michael Hopkins & Ivor Hopkins Chapter 9 Corporate Social Responsibility and The Environment: Our Common Future Marcelle Shoop Chapter 10 Corporate Social ­Responsibility and Human Rights María Prandi & Josep M. Lozano Part IV Worldwide Initiatives on Corporate Social Responsibility Chapter 11 Corporate Social Responsibility and International Human Rights Law Chapter 12 The Tripartite Declaration of Principles Concerning Multinational Enterprises Phillip H. Rudolph Chapter 13 The Global Sullivan Principles of Corporate Social Responsibility Phillip H. Rudolph Chapter 14 The CRT Principles for Responsible Business: Decision-Making Matrix for a More Moral Capitalism Stephen B. Young Chapter 15 The Global Compact Hans Corell Chapter 16 Promoting Corporate Responsibility: The OECD Guidelines For ­Multinational Enterprises Donald J. Johnston Chapter 17 Business and Human Rights: The Recent Initiatives of the UN Michael Karlsson & Max Granström Chapter 18 Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Governance:New Ideas and Practical Applications of Ethical Standards and Risk Management Daniel Brennan Part V Regional Perspectives Chapter 19 The European Initiatives Jonathan Lux, Sune Skadegaard Thorsen & Annemarie Meisling Chapter 20 A European Perspective Sune Skadegaard Thorsen & Annemarie Meisling Chapter 21 The Central Role of Lawyers In ­Managing, Minimizing, and ­ Responding To Social Responsibility Risks – A Us ­Perspective Phillip H. Rudolph Chapter 22 Africa’s Unique Challenge: Linking Economic Growth, Infrastructure Reforms and Corporate ­Responsibilities Reinier Lock Chapter 23 The Japanese Perspective James Brumm & Michael Lagowski Chapter 24 Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Rights: The Ghana Experience in the Gold Mining Industry Felix Ntrakwah Chapter 25 The History, Variations, Impact and Future of Self-Regulation Phillip H. Rudolph Chapter 26 Some Legal Dimensions of Corporate Codes of Conduct Claes Cronstedt Chapter 27 Social Responsibility and the Lawyer in the Twenty-First Century Jerome J. Shestack Chapter 28 Lawyers’ Responsibility for Advising on Corporate Social Responsibility Jonathan Goldsmith Chapter 29 Corporate Social Responsibility in Lawyers’ Firms Chris Marshall Chapter 30 Corporate Social Responsibility and the In-House Counsel I. Odeleye Part VIII Criticism of the Corporate Social Responsibility Movement Chapter 31 Criticism of the Corporate Social Responsibility Movement Michael Hopkins Chapter 32 A Few Concluding Remarks Ramon Mullerat Index