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Corporate Counsellor's Deskbook, Fifth Edition by Dennis J. Block ,Michael A. Epstein Corporate Counsellor's Deskbook, Fifth Edition by Dennis J. Block ,Michael A. Epstein

Corporate Counsellor's Deskbook, Fifth Edition

By Michael A. Epstein, Dennis J. Block
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This backbone resource for in-house counsel and corporate law departments covers employment agreements and executive compensation, managing complex litigation and litigation budgeting, implementing internal insider trading controls, alternative dispute resolution formats, intellectual property, noncompetition agreements, compliance and reporting obligations. By Michael A. Epstein and Dennis J. Block.

The Fifth Edition of The Corporate Counsellor's Deskbook offers insightful analysis of the key areas of the law of critical interest to in-house counsel and corporate law departments, as well as outside firms and attorneys who represent corporate clients on a regular basis.

The authors provide step-by-step guidance on issues such as:

  • Employment agreements and executive compensation
  • Managing complex litigation and litigation budgeting
  • Implementing internal procedures to protect against insider trading and internal file controls
  • Taking advantage of alternative dispute resolution formats
  • Counseling on employment law and intellectual property
  • Noncompetition agreements
  • Import regulation and customs compliance
  • Environmental law concerns.

Additional topics in the Fifth Edition include:

  • Internal corporate investigation and the need to preserve confidentiality
  • Indemnification and insurance of corporate officials
  • The process of going public and the reporting obligations of publicly-held corporations.

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Pages 1762
Last Updated 08/10/2021
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Table of Contents
  1. Internal Corporate Investigations: Implications of the Attorney-Client Privilege and the Work Product Doctrine
  2. Indemnification and Insurance of Corporate Officials
  3. The Corporation¿s Obligations to Protect Against Insider Trading
  4. Counselling on Intellectual Property
  5. Noncompetition Agreements
  6. Managing Complex Litigation and Litigation Budgeting
  7. Alternative Dispute Resolution
  8. Corporate Law
  9. Employment Law
  10. Executive Compensation
  11. Fundamentals of Bankruptcy Law
  12. The Corporate Counsellor and Antitrust
  13. Import Regulations: Customs Compliance and Trade Remedies
  14. Export Control Compliance in a Dynamic Regulatory Environment
  15. Real Estate Law for the Corporate Counsellor
  16. Environmental Law Concerns for the Corporate Counsellor
  17. Government Contract Fraud and Government Contract Compliance Programs
  18. Advances in Law Department Technology