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Corporate Counsel Profiler provides immediate access to the most trusted resource for information on corporate counsel and on the companies with which they are affiliated. Quickly identify and connect with corporate counsel, and craft development strategies that will have a positive impact on your business.

Get a closer look into the biographical data of the attorney you’re researching. Information is continually verified at regular intervals to ensure you have the most up-to-date information, and an advantage over free or publicly-accessible databases and social networks that aren’t verified or regularly updated. With Corporate Counsel Profiler you can be confident you’re working with the most accurate information.

  • Detailed Search Interface: Gain access to a wide range of search fields and variables to make finding information more efficient and accurate.
  • Additional Profiles: When you have access to Corporate Counsel Profiler, you get much more than just corporate counsel. You also have the ability to search for attorneys representing or working in legal departments at non-profits, universities, credit unions, hospitals and healthcare facilities, labor unions, museums, religious organizations, trade associations, and much more.
  • Corporation Profile: Take an inside look at key facts that provide accurate addresses and contact information, as well as provide an overview of who’s currently practicing within the company.
  • Product Data Sets:  Search filters include the important and valuable contact information you’re looking for. Your subscription to the Corporate Counsel Profiler gives you access to more than 22,000 corporate counsel in the following practice areas:
    • Corporate
    • Contracts
    • Securities
    • Insurance
    • Patent
    • Intellectual Property
    • Health/Medical
    • Environmental/Energy
    • Government Contracts and Relations
  • Allows you to search by:
    • Company
    • Bar admission
    • Jurisdiction
    • Educational background
    • Practice area


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