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Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers  by KLI/TURPIN

Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers

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Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers is your one-stop multi-jurisdictional guide to the local practical issues involved in conducting transactions in a foreign country.

Business executives and their advisers participating in a transaction in a foreign country need a clear and concise framework of understanding, which will enable them to identify the critical issues likely to affect the course of the deal and to formulate the questions on which detailed advice will be needed.

Now firmly established and respected as a major reference work on the subject, Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers provides a one-stop guide to the local practical issues involved. Some of the world's most distinguished law firms, each of them identified as a leading firm in the mergers and acquisitions field in their own country, offer a rich source of information and advice on domestic issues arising on M&A transactions.

The book has been restructured and expanded to cover all the most significant economies in the world (59 countries). The work is kept up-to-date by regular supplements, which track the key changes and developments in national laws and practice affecting mergers and acquisitions. The work now offers a truly global coverage.

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Table of Contents

Each country section aims to adopt a broadly similar framework and structure. The topics addressed are:

  • Local economic, political and cultural aspects
  • The regulatory framework
  • Most common types of transaction
  • Common financing methods
  • Antitrust/competition issues
  • Taxation aspects
  • Employment considerations
  • Procedural formalities
  • Accounting treatment
  • Prospective future developments.

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