Store Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers in Romania, Second Edition
Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers in Romania, Second Edition by KINSTELLAR SPARL

Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers in Romania, Second Edition

By Zsuzsa Csiki, Iustinian Captariu, Diana Kioko, Mihai Coada, Ioana Naroai, Smaranda Vacaru, Madalina Perte, Theodora Stoica, Razvan Cretu, Patricia Piticas, Madalina Anghenie, Flavia Petcu, Silvia Roca, Elena Ghidiu, Geanina Malanca, Andreea Dobre, Dan Manolescu


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Derived from Kluwer’s multi-volume Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers, the largest and most detailed database of M&A know-how available anywhere in the world, this work by a highly experienced team of lawyers from the leading international law firms Kinstellar SPARL and Soter & Partners provides a concise, practical analysis of current law and practice relating to mergers and acquisitions of public and private companies in Romania. The book offers a clear explanation of each step in the acquisition process from the perspectives of both the purchaser and the seller. Key areas covered include: structuring the transaction; due diligence; contractual protection; consideration; and the impact of applicable company, competition, tax, intellectual property, environmental and data protection law on the acquisition process.

Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers is an invaluable guide for both legal practitioners and business executives seeking a comprehensive yet practical analysis of mergers and acquisitions in Romania.

Equivalent analyses of M&A law and practice in some 50 other jurisdictions, all contributed by leading law firms, are accessible on-line at under Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers.

Publish Date 11/21/2019
Publish Frequency As Needed
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789403519456
SKU 10057547-0002
Table of Contents

Geographical Location

Population and Population Growth


Natural Resources


Employment Costs and Availability of Labour


Government and Political System

Legal System

Current Economic Aspects

Cultural Aspects

The Corporate Regulatory Framework

Merger Controls: Antitrust/Competition Issues

Romania: Merger Notification Procedure

Taxation Aspects

Employment Considerations

Accounting Treatment

Future Developments