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Bringing together two of the most trusted resources in copyright law, the Copyright Integrated Library combines primary source documents, research tools, and current developments from CCH with trusted analytical materials from Aspen Publishers into one convenient online resource. With the CCH Copyright Law Reporter and the renowned Goldstein on Copyright treatise, you can facilitate your research by using the expert analysis in the treatise and instantly linking to a cited case or rule in the reporter. This comprehensive library solution also offers key word and citation searching across the entire library and frequent updates that provide current, relevant information. The core Library includes: CCH Copyright Law Reporter — This Reporter covers the full scope of copyright issues, including hot topics such as Web publishing, electronic databases, licensing, broadcasting and musical performances. It also provides full text of federal laws, court decisions, Copyright Office forms, official circulars and reference materials. Goldstein on Copyright by Paul Goldstein — Frequently consulted and cited by courts, Goldstein on Copyright has become the definitive practice tool for today’s intellectual property practitioner. It emphasizes emerging issues in information and entertainment technologies, both domestically and internationally, keeping you on the cutting edge of copyright law. Respected, authoritative and always precise, Goldstein on Copyright will quickly become your trusted resource in matters pertaining to the fundamental issue of copyright law. Current Developments, News and Commentary: Weekly Copyright News Alert — Stay current with updates on new laws, proposed legislation, and other important developments.

Monthly Report Letters — Updates to the CCH Copyright Law Reporter provide new developments with full-text reproductions, digests and original news stories.

Advance Release Documents — Copyright Office circulars, full text of legislative developments and rules posted as they’re available.

Journal Articles — Key selections from Aspen journals such as the Intellectual Property & Technology Law Journal, Journal of Internet Law, Licensing Journal and IP Litigator.

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Table of Contents

Goldstein on Copyright Contents

The Topography of Copyright

Subject Matter, Formalities, Ownership and Term

Subject Matter Publication and Formalities

Title, Term and Termination of Transfers


Exclusive Rights in Copyrighted Works

Contributory Infringement and Vicarious Liability


The Elements of Infringement

Infringement of Rights in Literary, Visual, Musical, Factual and Functional Works


Legal and Equitable Defenses Fair Use


Injunctions, Ancillary and Declaratory Relief, Criminal Proceedings Monetary Awards


Jurisdiction, Venue, Parties Pleadings, Proof and Trial Practice

Other Sources of Protection

State, Federal and International Law State and Federal Law International Protection

International Law Annex—Copyright and Neighboring Rights Convention

Table of Cases Table of Statutes, Regulations and Treaties

Appendix A—StatutesLegislative Reports and Regulations

Appendix B—Forms

Copyright Law Reporter Contents

• Personnel

• Copyrightable Materials

• Scope of Protection—Limitations—Fair Use

• Licensing • Ownership, Duration and Renewal

• Notice, Deposit and Registration

• International Aspects

• Infringement Action—Remedies

• Administration—Copyright Office

• Computer Software—Internet

• Federal Laws and Regulations

• Copyright Circulars, Reference Materials

• Forms

• New Developments

• Copyright Law Decisions