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Contemporary Corporation Forms, 2nd Edition



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This comprehensive resource gives you ready-to-use forms and expert commentary to help you draft documents for all kinds of corporate transactions—quickly, easily, and confidently. Contemporary Corporation Forms features a Master Clause Locator that makes it easy to find the exact clause you need the moment you need it. This time-saving tool is a comprehensive topical index that helps you locate all numbered clauses quickly and easily.

Contemporary Corporation Forms includes clauses on a particular topic as well as variations of similar clauses that appear in different forms. In addition to the Master Clause Locator, Contemporary Corporation Forms includes separate clause locators at the end of each part for quick, targeted searches.

Contemporary Corporation Forms is much more than a collection of forms. It also includes expert commentary relating to each group of forms that:

  • Makes clear the purpose of each transaction
  • Alerts you to pitfalls and risks
  • Discusses how forms can be altered to meet your specific requirements
  • Gives you a complete understanding of important, yet frequently overlooked, business issues

Providing actual documents created by the nation's leading law firms, this comprehensive library gives you virtually every form you need to meet today's corporate legal and procedural requirements—from the simplest to the most sophisticated corporate action—for all types of corporate entities. From closely-held companies to public corporations, its approximately 500 forms provide practical, easy-to-use tools that have been proven in the field. In addition, in recognition of the increased use of noncorporate business entities, coverage has been expanded and the set now includes information on forming limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and limited liability partnerships. All of the forms are complete and unabridged, so you have a full template for the finished product. Contemporary Corporation Forms covers practically every corporate function and situation.

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Table of Contents

• Master Clause Locator

• Formation

• Shareholder Agreements

• Registered Agent Filings

• Foreign Qualification

• Board Meetings: Directors, Officers, and Managers

• Private Placements

• Shareholders’ Meetings, Elections, Voting, and Notice

• Compensation of Directors, Officers, and Managers

• Warrants, Options, Dividends, and Spin-off Transactions

• Equity Transfers • Amendments and Changes in Capital

• Initial Public Offerings

• Merger, Consolidation, and Sale of Assets

• Dissenters’ Rights

• Environmental Concerns

• Professional Corporations

• Nonprofit Corporations

• Partnerships

• Limited Liability Companies

• Inspection of Records

• Dissolution