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By Wolters Kluwer Editorial Staff
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In the past, many states have attempted to cure problems and abuses that have appeared on a "one-at-a-time" basis, resulting in a multiplicity of consumer credit laws. In addition, the federal government has injected standards into broad areas of consumer credit previously regulated only by the states. The Consumer Credit Guide publishes the information that you need to successfully navigate the complex area of state and federal consumer credit laws and regulations. Subscribe today to:

  • Expedite your searches with our logically arranged material—state-by-state, topic-by-topic and law-by-law
  • Fully understand laws and regulations with our comprehensive coverage of full-text laws and regulations surrounding federal and state consumer credit issues plus official commentary and expert-written explanations
  • Cross-reference quickly using the State Decisions and All State charts to compare issuances from state to state
  • Keep up with all relevant Federal Register documents relating to Federal legislation and regulations
  • Stay up-to-date with the New Developments section, which furnishes full text reporting of the latest relevant case law, rulings and information
  • Access archived coverage of New Developments back to 1969 with an Internet subscription
  • Keep current with biweekly Report Letters covering the latest developments in Federal Fair Credit Reporting, Fair Debt Collection Practices, Equal Credit Opportunity and Truth-in-Lending, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, state laws and regulations, court decisions and other items pertinent to credit regulation
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Table of Contents
    Volume 1
  • Case Table
  • Charts
  • Truth-in-Lending
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

  • Volume 2
  • Consumer Credit Explained
  • Uniform Consumer Credit Code
  • States AL-CT

  • Volume 3
  • States DE-IN

  • Volume 4
  • States IA-MA

  • Volume 5
  • States MI-NY

  • Volume 6
  • States NC-TN

  • Volume 7
  • States TX-WY

  • Volume 8
  • Federal Laws - Regulations
  • Specimen Forms (available only in print version)
  • Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices
  • Federal Fair Credit Reporting
  • Federal Agency Releases
  • Federal Equal Credit Opportunity
  • Cumulative Index
  • New Developments
  • Last Report Letter