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Construction Law Update 2021 by Marion Billingsley , Neal J. Sweeney , Christopher D. Cazenave , Tiffany C. Raush , Chad V. Theriot Construction Law Update 2021 by Marion Billingsley , Neal J. Sweeney , Christopher D. Cazenave , Tiffany C. Raush , Chad V. Theriot

Construction Law Update 2021

Edited by Neal J. Sweeney, Chad V. Theriot, Christopher D. Cazenave, Tiffany C. Raush, Marion Billingsley
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2021 Construction Law Update provides current coverage of legal issues that have a practical impact on the day-to-day functioning of the very dynamic processes in a dynamic industry that is construction.

Highlights of the 2021 Update:

  • The first six chapters take the reader through notable cases throughout the past year in various regions of the country. Whether a case covers the design and construction for a project in the Southeast region, the Northwest region, or the regions in between, the decisions and ramifications for one affect them all.
  • Federal procurement comes with a wide spectrum of issues. Whether it is bid protest decisions or adjudication of claims against the federal government, this chapter shows the reader that the principles governing the federal government sector ultimately make their way into the commercial world.
  • Insurance is a critical component of a construction project. This chapter deals with the nuanced concepts of insurance and indemnification, and the vital importance of insurance coverage for everyone involved.
  • In our growing global economy, staying current with domestic and international arbitration practices will prove advantageous to the reader of this chapter. The cases studied provide practical insights into the ever-changing world of arbitration.
  • The most hotly contested cases are reviewed in the Surety Law chapter. This chapter provides an interesting insight into litigation involving payment and performance bonds and indemnity issues.
  • Navigating the labyrinth of governmental regulations, overreaching program concepts and best practices of compliance requirements of the United States Department of Transportation's ("USDOT's") Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, and state and local mandates of minority or woman-owned programs are thorny issues facing contractors today. The Best Practices chapter will help ease the reader along the right path.
  • Our neighbor to the north—Canada—has a thriving construction industry, with a plethora of associated businesses and opportunities for growth. This chapter introduces the reader to the subtle, yet important, differences between Canadian and U.S. construction law.
  • The Miller Act and the Little Miller Act—what are they, what is the difference between the two, and how are they applied to federal, state, and local construction projects? This is a must-read chapter for any construction law practitioner.
  • Environmental law and construction projects, by necessity, go hand-in-hand. With a new Administration come new permitting requirements and environmental issues that will need to be addressed in construction contracts by both owners and contractors.
  • What is a construction project without labor and employment? Keeping employees safe, well paid, free from discrimination and harassment, and acknowledging their rights in the workplace is reviewed in depth in this chapter. It will be a well-used and well-worn chapter in your arsenal.

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Previous Edition: Construction Law Update 2020, ISBN: 9781543817966

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