Store Legal Construction Disputes: Representing the Contractor, Third Edition
Construction Disputes: Representing the Contractor, Third Edition

Construction Disputes: Representing the Contractor, Third Edition

By Robert F. Cushman, John D. Carter, Paul J. Gorman, Douglas F. Coppi
Book - Hardbound

Book - Hardbound

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In compiling the third and entirely revised edition of Construction Disputes: Representing the Contractor, the editors have sought out as specialists in their field: contributing authors who are not only experienced in resolving construction disputes but also known and respected for their expertise in specific critical areas commonly encountered in construction litigation.

Although intended primarily to assist attorneys, this book also provides a useful desk reference for anyone whose activities touch on long-term contract matters and gives individual contractors a better understanding of how their actions may affect this increasingly important part of operations.

Last Updated 11/20/2017
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Table of Contents
  1. Contemplating Litigation and Its Alternatives
  2. Organizing and Selecting the Litigation Team
  3. Bid Protests and Bid Mistakes
  4. Suing the Private Owner
  5. Suing a Government: Special Considerations
  6. Suing the Construction Manager
  7. Suing the Design Professional
  8. Suing the Construction Leader
  9. Suing Subcontractors and Material Suppliers
  10. Contractor's Insurance Program and Risk Management Considerations
  11. Contractors and Their Sureties
  12. Prosecuting and Defending Payment Bond Claims
  13. Effective Preparation for a Construction Arbitration
  14. Preparing the Construction Arbitration
  15. Providing Liability to Allow the Contractor to Recover Damages
  16. Pricing Damages
  17. Labor Productivity in Construction Claims
  18. Defending Against Owner Claims
  19. Proving and Pricing Delay Costs

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