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Competition Law in Latin America. A Practical Guide

Edited by Julián Peña, Marcelo Calliari


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In the past few years Latin American countries have taken giant steps to reposition their competition authorities in the global antitrust arena, granting them much greater autonomy both domestically and internationally. This is the first book to offer an in-depth analysis of this complex scenario.

At the heart of the presentation are seven chapters detailing the competition regimes of the most active national jurisdictions in the region – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia. Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay. Written by practicing experts with considerable hands-on experience in their respective countries, each of these chapters provides a comprehensive description and explanation of the evolution, current state, and prospects for antitrust in the country. Preceding these country-by-country analyses are more general chapters on the use of economic analysis and on the special field of the information and communications technology industry, as well as chapters on the working of competition law in countries with regulated markets and in the cluster of Central American countries. Topics addressed encompass the following and more:

  • relevant institutions and legislation;
  • cartel investigations;
  • unilateral conduct policies;
  • merger review;
  • international coordination;
  • enforcement; and
  • remedies.

Each chapter includes analysis of relevant case law, allowing the reader to gauge the positions, views, and tendencies of each competition law regime. The authors also pay attention to the specificities and idiosyncrasies that are so important for a correct understanding of the practical realities of competition policy and enforcement.

With its wide-ranging and in depth-approach, this book provides an incomparable analysis of a challenging region poised to become increasingly important in the international recognition and enforcement of antitrust law. It is in this sense an essential guide for lawyers, economists, corporations, academics, and government officials interested in understanding where competition law is, and where is it is going to, in Latin America.

Pages 408
Publish Date 02/18/2016
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ISBN 9789041149770
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Table of Contents

Editors and Contributors.


Chapter 1 The Second Wave Latin American Competition Law and Policy D. Daniel Sokol.

Chapter 2 Competition Lifecycles in Latin America William E. Kovacic.

Chapter 3 The Failed Search for the Soul of Competition Policy Ignacio L. De Leon.

Chapter 4 Competition Policy and Growth: Evidence from Latin America Esteban Greco, Diego Petrecolla, Carlos A. Romero & Juan P. Vila Martínez .

Chapter 5 International Cooperation between Competition Agencies Eduardo Perez Motta & Mateo Diego Fernandez.

Chapter 6 Histories of Competition Law in Latin America Andrés Palacios Lleras & Juan David Gutiérrez.

Chapter 7 The Use of Economic Analysis in Latin American Competition Policy Manuel A. Abdala & Lucía Quesada.

Chapter 8 Competition in Regulated Markets in Latin America: Overview and Challenges Gesner Oliveira & Germán Orjuela.

Chapter 9 Competition Law in the Information and Communications Technologies Industry in Latin America: The Need for a New Approach Pablo Márquez.

Chapter 10 Competition Law in Central America and the Years to Come Edgar Odio-Rohrmoser.

Chapter 11 Competition Law in Argentina Julian Peña & Federico Rossi .

Chapter 12 Competition Law in Brazil Marcelo Calliari, Joana Temudo Cianfarani & Marcel Medon Santos.

Chapter 13 Competition Law in Chile Juan Cristóbal Gumucio Schönthaler & Guillermo Frene Candia.

Chapter 14 Competition Law in Colombia Alfonso Miranda Londoño.

Chapter 15 Competition Law in Mexico Amilcar Peredo & Gabriel Gonzalez.

Chapter 16 Competition Law in Peru Alfredo Bullard.

Chapter 17 Competition Law in Uruguay Juan Manuel Mercant & Javier Napoleone .