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Comparative Law Yearbook Of Intl Business 2006 Special Issue V28a by

Comparative Law Yearbook Of Intl Business 2006 Special Issue V28a

Edited by Dennis Campbell


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With issues such as immigration and globalization triggering social and legislative adjustments in all major legal systems, labor and employment law is particularly susceptible to change. In this special issue of the Comparative Law Year book of International Business, practitioners who are specialized in labor and employment law provide reports on developments in national systems such as Australia, Canada, Chile, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Japan, and New Zealand and examine selected issues in the Czech Republic (termination of employment), Latvia (transfer of undertakings), the United States (ranging from sexual harassment in the work place and the ability of partners and share holders to sue employers to employee dress code), and Ukraine (hiring and dismissal procedures).

Last Updated 10/22/2007
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ISBN 9789041124401
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Table of Contents

National Report, Australia Joseph Catanzariti, Canada Roy L. Heenan and Thomas Brady, Chile Paulina Miranda and Oscar Aitkenh, Czech Republic David Falada, France Roselyn S. Sands, Germany Regina Glaser and Dirk W. Kolvenbach, Greece Christina Vlachtsis, Japan Keiichiro Sue, New Zealand Jennifer Mills, Termination of Employment under Czech Law Natasa Randlova and Tereza Rihošková, Transfer of Under takings in Latvia Irena Kalnina, Ukrainian Hiring and Dismissal Procedures Elena Avramenko, Sexual Harassment in the American Work place Randall L. Meredith, United States Anti-Discrimination Laws Empower Partners and Share holders to Sue Employers Michael D. Homans, Challenges to Employee Dress and Grooming Policies Michael R. Lied, Index