Store International Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business Volume 31a
Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business Volume 31a

Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business Volume 31a

Edited by Dennis Campbell


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This special issue of the Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business examines a variety of issues relating to international dispute resolution. National systems such as Brazil, England and Wales, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Slovakia, the United States, are reviewed. The treatment of special issues ranges from document production, discovery, and ethics to public policy, telecommunications contracts, and expatriate employees. Finally, the issue surveys various topics, dealing with matters such as the general principles of law, international rules, international contract law, consolidation and class actions, and enforcement of arbitral awards.

Publish Date 06/25/2010
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789041128027
SKU 10057420-0029
Table of Contents
Document Production: Developments in International Dispute Resolution. Christof Siefarth Ethics in Arbitration: Conections, Conflicts, and Collegiality. Phyllis E. Bernard The Effects of General principles of Law. Christina Cathey Schütz Widely Used Rules in International Arbitration. Mitchell L. Lathrop International Contract Law as the Substantive Law Applicable to International Contracts. John B. Tieder, Jr. and Carter B. Reid Enforcement of International Arbitral Awards in Brazil. Adriana Camargo Rodriguez Developments in Mediation in England and Wales. Paul Hopkins Arbitration in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Stephen D. Mau Arbitration and Litigation: An Indian Perspective. Nusrat Hassan & K. Parinitha Mediation Under Italian law. Valentina Giarrusso Mediation in Slovakia. Katarina Chovancová Resolving Disputes Involving United States Expatriates and Employees Working Abroad. Lorna Sillss Katica Consolidation Intended, Unintended, and Class Actions: A United States Perspective. James J. Sentner, Jr. and Anthony Guerino Is the Door Open to United States Discovery in Aid of Foreign Arbitration Proceedings? Joshua D. Rievman and E. Anne Musella United States Public Policy and Enforcement of Arbitral awards Under the New York Convention. C. Ryan Reetz United States Dispute Resolution of International Telecommunications Contracts. Walt Sapronov, and Robert J. Butler International Enforcement of Arbitration Awards. John W.Rourke