Store International Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business Volume 30
Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business Volume 30

Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business Volume 30

By Dennis Campbell


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The current volume of the Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business addresses a variety of issues relating to the regulation of business entities and investment, as well as a range of general issues.

In the fields of business entities and investment, practitioners from Panama, Brazil, Chile, Russia, Gibraltar, Canada, Singapore, Romania, Indonesia, and Hong Kong examine protection of minority shareholders, antitrust and competition law, securities regulation, corporate taxation, fund administration and management, joint ventures, protection of foreign investment, regulation of mutual funds, and corporate governance.

Commentators from Nigeria, the United States, Japan, Spain, and The Netherlands also review issues relating to copyright and trade mark protection, court jurisdiction, insolvency, and telecommunications.

Publish Date 12/10/2008
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789041127990
SKU 10057420-0026
Table of Contents

Absence of Market for Corporate Control for Panamanian Public Corporations and Protection of Minority Shareholders Roberto F. Harrington A. and Alejandro E. Alemán F. Antitrust in Brazil Paulo Marcos Rodrigues Brancher and Rodrigo Junqueira Ferreira da Silva Chilean Securities Regulation Paulo Larrain M. and Ignacio Concha Corporate Tax Regime in Russia Maureen O’Donoghue Fund Administration and Management in Gibraltar Nicholas Piñero International Corporate Taxation in Canada Don R. Sommerfeldt Joint Ventures in Singapore Chin Hooi Yen Protection of Foreign Investment in Romania Ligia Dãnilã and Delia Bãroianu Regulations on Mutual Funds in Indonesia Hamud M. Balfas Western Norms in Corporate Governance Practices in Hong Kong Padraig Walsh General Issues Foreign Copyright and Trade Mark Protection under Nigerian Law Linus Osita Okeke Irish and American Work-Leave Statutes Carol Daugherty Rasnic Japanese Court Jurisdiction over International Cases Takashi B. Yamamoto Spanish Insolvency Act 2003 Ana Ribó Telecommunications Law in The Netherlands Arjen van Rijn, Arnoud Boorsma, Jannetje Bootsma,Michiel Hes, Jeannette van Breugel, and Sandra van Heukelom-Verhage Index