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Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business 39 by CAMPBELL

Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business 39

Edited by Dennis Campbell


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The Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business, published under the auspices of the Center for International Legal Studies, covers the up-to-date developments in the legal areas of product liability, cybercrime, corporate and contract laws, and digital rights. In this thirty-ninth volume, practitioners and experts analyse the landmark decisions that have inflicted a remarkable effect on the legal situation in the key jurisdictions of Belgium, Canada, Germany, the Isle of Man, Japan, New Zealand, Romania, South Africa, and the United States.


What’s in this book:

This yearbook focuses on the following:

  • product liability law and damages in Germany;
  • the economic loss rule in American tort law;
  • the proposed cybercrime and cybersecurity law in South Africa;
  • emerging legal issues in social media in New Zealand due to the use of social networking sites by the employees;
  • transfer of business under Romanian law;
  • choice of law regarding intermediated securities, beneficial ownership of companies, and shareholder activism;
  • treatment of best-efforts clauses; and
  • copyright protection of digital rights management.


How this will help you:

As a scrutiny of the updated developments in the legal fields, this yearbook helps readers gain insight into national and regional perspectives on the interpretation of laws relating to diverse fields. The presentation of the case reports aids in understanding the impact of such legal developments in practice. Thus, this book serves as a source of knowledge for lawyers and academics to comprehend the changing legal rules and regulations and to confidently apply them to solve problems.

Last Updated 10/18/2017
Update Frequency Annually
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ISBN 9789041188724
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Table of Contents

Product Liability and Damages

The American “Economic Loss Rule”
Vincent R. Johnson

Product Liability Law in Germany
Eric Wagner and Anna Karp

Social Media and Cybercrime

Proposed Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Law in South Africa
Elzaan Rabie and Evert van Eeden

Employee Use of Social Networking Sites: Emerging Legal Issues
Jennifer Mills and Jess Greenheld

Corporate Law

Transfer of Business under Romanian Law
Mihaela Nyerges and Ramona Chi¿u

Hague Securities Convention: New Rules for Choice of Law Regarding Intermediated Securities
Clint A. Corrie

Beneficial Ownership of Companies — G20 High-Level Principles
Paul Beckett

Shareholder Activism in Canada
Stanley Elkind and Kevin Emamian

Contract Law

Best Efforts Clauses: Common Law and Civil Law
Denis Philippe

Digital Rights

Copyright Protection of Digital Rights Management in Japan
Takashi B. Yamamoto