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Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business 2006

Edited by Dennis Campbell


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The 2006 edition of the Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business examines issues in three major topic categories: Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Investment Vehicles, and Secured Interests in Immovables.

Lawyers from Nigeria, the United States, and Ireland review the settlement of investment disputes, the impact of claims on non-United States companies, and claim and dispute resolution under FIDIC.

Practitioners from Israel, Panama, Hong Kong, and Belgium treat investment vehicles such as trusts, foundations, and joint ventures and investment visas.

Contributors from Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, and Mexico review the use of security in real property in their respective jurisdictions.

Finally, lawyers from Brazil, Canada, the United States, Germany, South Africa, Ukraine, and Romania treat issues ranging from trade mark counterfeiting, registered designs, and telecommunications to criminality in international business transactions, outsourcing, and business immigration.

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Last Updated 12/06/2006
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Table of Contents

Litigation and Dispute Resolution Foreign Litigants in American Courts Joseph K. Hetrick and Stuart A. Weiss The United States Federal False Claims Act and Employee Qui Tam Suits: Impact on Non-United States Companies Alan M. Koral and Pearl Zuchlewski Settlement of Investment Disputes in Nigeria J.U.K. Igwe Claim and Dispute Resolution Provisions of FIDIC’s 1999 Major Forms Nael G. Bunni Investment and Taxation Israel as a Trust and Business Center Alon Kaplan and Lyat Eyal Investment Visa Categories for the United States and Hong Kong Eugene Chow Panamanian Private Interest Foundations Annette Bárcenas, Luis Lopez Alfaro and Carlos Ucar Exit Clauses Applicable to Joint Ventures under Belgian Law Yves Brulard and Romain Sabatier Secured Transactions Security Interests on Real Estate Julio A. Kelly Security Rights in Immovable Property in Brazil Maria Cecília Guimarães Isoldi and Daniel Calhman de Miranda Transactions Secured with Real Property Juan Sebastián Argomedo-Ruiz de Velasco Security Interests in Immovables and Related Property John R. Pate and Raquel Núñez García General Commercial Issues Outsourcing in a Global Market: United States Heath Dixon Antidumping Investigations: Ukraine and the World Trade Organization Alexey Kostromov Registered Design and Trade Mark Protection — A South African Perspective Herman Blignaut and André Meyer Trade Mark Counterfeiting and Unfair Competition in Romania Anca Musat Competition and Universal Service Obligations in Brazil’s Telecommunications Market Helena de Araújo Lopes Xavier United States Business Immigration Bennett R. Savitz German Residence Permits for Self-Employed Per sons Christoph Kiesgen and Hans-Josef Vogel Criminal Law Implications of International Business Transactions Julian Hermida Index