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Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business 2002 Vol 24

By Dennis Campbell


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The Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business offers a special relevance in its twenty-fourth volume, providing a special section on the telecommunications sector.

That section includes chapters on legal developments in the telecommunications industry in Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Columbia, Italy, Mexico and Spain, as well as a general survey on telecommunications regulatory regimes and investment decisions.

The special section is supplemented by a range of chapters dealing with antitrust and patent laws in the United States, entertainment law in Italy, tax and investment in the Czech Republic, data protection from an international perspective, licensing in Mexico, trade marks in Malaysia, investment in Ukraine and Colombia, competition law in Spain, arbitration in Turkey, asset protection, and trade dress and packaging.

Last Updated 11/01/2002
Update Frequency Annually
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789041199034
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Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Legacy Data.
    2.1. Modem SOC Flow.
    2.2. Legacy Data Review
  3. Reasons for Data Migration.
    3.1. Functional Reuse in Derivative Products
  4. New Rules for DSM Flows.
    4.1. Device Geometries.
    4.2. Wafer Type.
    4.3. Isolation Technique.
    4.4. Operating Voltage.
    4.5. Process Design Rules.
    4.6. Device Performance.
    4.7. Interconnect Options.
    4.8. Memory Techniques.
    4.9. OPC Masking Techniques
  5. Structured Methodology.
    5.1. Assumptions for Migration.
    5.2. Flowchart of Methodology.
    5.3. Sequence of the Methodology
  6. Screening Criteria for Blocks.
    6.1. Introduction of Case Study.
    6.2. Block Selection.
    6.3. Description of Selection Criteria
  7. Process Compatibility.
    7.1. Process Migration Tradeoffs.
    7.2. Sample USB Block Tradeoff Analysis
  8. Test Bench Requirements.
    8.1. Test Bench Minimum Requirements.
    8.2. Digital Test Bench.
    8.3. Device Level Test Bench.
    8.4. USB Sample Summary
  9. Block Identification.
    9.1. Physical and Design Views.
    9.2. Multiple View Correction.
    9.3. Hierarchy Tree.
    9.4. Test Circuits, Clocks and Power Grids
  10. Design Retargeting.
    10.1 Device Level ReDesign Stages.
    10.2. Re-Engineering Process: Device Level Design.
    10.3. Re-Engineering Process: Corner Based Design.
    10.4. Summary for USB Block Migration
  11. Design Validation.
    11.1. Types of Validation.
    11.2. Case Study Validation Summary
  12. Physical Design Migration.
    12.1. Physical Migration Options
  13. Post Layout Validation.
    13.1 Design Rule Checking: DRC.
    13.2 Layout vs. Schematic: LVS.
    13.3. Power Analysis: IR Drop.
    13.4. Noise Analysis and Coupling: Signal Integrity.
    13.5. RC Extraction for STA and for Device Stimulation.
    13.6. Case Study Summary for Physical Verification
  14. Full Chip Verification.
    14.1 Abstracts Required