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Commodity Futures Law Reporter

By Wolters Kluwer Editorial Staff
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The Commodity Futures Law Reporter provides a convenient, comprehensive way to keep abreast of legislative, regulatory, and case law developments affecting the commodity futures and derivatives industry. Subscribe today to:

  • Access complete, accurate coverage of the commodity futures and derivatives industry, including full text of the Commodity Exchange Act and CFTC regulations; annotated court cases and Commodity Futures Trading Commission administrative decisions and reparations actions; and Commission rule releases, no-action letters, testimony, speeches, advisories, and backgrounders. The Reporter includes material from 1975 to present.
  • Understand complex legal and technical aspects of the law with in-depth explanations and analysis.
  • Get the latest news at a glance in the biweekly Report Letter. Keep abreast of new proposed and final regulations, staff guidance, and case law developments.
  • Ensure that you're filing all the required reports and keeping all necessary records.

Note: Online subscriptions are for three-month periods.

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Table of Contents

Volume 1

  • Topical Index
  • Finding Lists
  • General Guide
    • Federal Regulation of Commodity Futures Trading
    • What is Commodity Futures Trading?
    • More
  • Commodity Exchange Act, including amendment history
  • Commodity Futures Trading Commission regulations, including amendment history

Volume 2

  • Forms
  • Explanations
    • Contract Markets
    • Registration
    • Reports-Records
    • National Futures Associations
    • Definitions
    • Commodity Futures Trading Commission
    • Liabilities and Prohibitions

Volume 3

  • Cumulative Index
  • Case Table for New Developments
  • New Developments
  • Last Report Letter