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Commercial Real Estate Transactions Handbook, Fourth Edition

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With the number and complexity of commercial real estate transactions reaching unprecedented levels, professionals in this high-stakes industry face a daunting task: keeping up with the constant legal and regulatory changes that can impact every phase of a deal.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions Handbook will help you plan, negotiate and close deals using the insights and strategies of nationally recognized real estate attorney Mark Senn and over 20 experts in the field. Collectively, the editor and contributors have handled virtually every possible variation of commercial real estate transactions. Their clear, concise discussions will guide you step-by-step through each phase:

  • Land and space acquisition
  • Creating the owning entity, design and construction, due diligence, interim and term financing, and occupancy leases
  • The ultimate sale or disposition of the project

In addition, Commercial Real Estate Transactions Handbook is logically organized by topic, so you always find the information you need quickly and easily. Each chapter covers one broad topic area. Major subjects are then distilled into highly informative sections that focus on specific practice-oriented suggestions from the unique perspective of the “less experienced” or “disadvantaged” party

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