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Commercial Law In A Global Context, Some Perspectives In

By Barry A.K. Rider, Yukata Tajima


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This unique work consists of a selection of key papers presented at the first Anglo-Japanese Comparative Law Conference, held at Jesus College, Cambridge in September 1996. The conference was organised under the auspices of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London; the University of Tsukuba, Japan; and Murdoch University in Australia.

The conference brought together a number of leading business lawyers from around the world, who discussed the impact of globalisation on commercial law. If trhe internalisation of trade and business has produced problems for lawyers, the impact of globalisation, particularly in such areas as the capital markets, has proved to be even more problematic.

The implications for all those who operate in the commercial and financial sectors, and for those who advise them, of developments in the nature and character of the markets are increasingly significant. The publication will be of particular interest to academics, those involved in trans-national business, and legal practitioners.

Publish Date 07/01/1998
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ISBN 9789041107091
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Table of Contents
Preface Chapter 1. Globalisation of Japanese Financial Market Mr Ryo Watabe Chapter 2. The Impact of Globalisation on the Securities Markets Professor Thomas R. Hurst Chapter 3. Business Corruption in Japan - 1996: Nothing New and Something New Mr Hiroshi Goto Chapter 4. The Impact of Globalisation on Japanese Banking Law Professor Yutaka Tajima & Ms Misako Inagaki Chapter 5. Globalisation of Banking: An Australian Perspective Professor John Glover Chapter 6. The Impact of Globalisation on Law and Practice of Banking Professor John A. Maher Chapter 7. Harmonisation, Informalisation and Financial Systems Design Risk and Opportunity for English and Japanese Banks and Banking Law in a Global Economy Ms Robin Mackenzie Chapter 8. Anti-Money-Laundering Legislation and its Implications for Japanese Financial Institutions Dr Chizu Nakajima Chapter 9 The Impact of Globalisation on Intellectual Property Rights Professor Michael Blakeney Chapter 10 The Globalisation of Japanese Corporate Law Professor Mitsumasa Tanabe Chapter 11 Corporate Disclosure in the Era of Globalisation Ms Fiona Macmillan Chapter 12 Setting Minimum Capital Requirements for Corporations - An Aspect of Japan's Small Company Policy Professor Haruyoshi Shimura Chapter 13 Corporate Law ... Some Peculiarly American Political Factors Can Confuse Professor John A. Maher Chapter 14 Registration of Charges by Overseas Companies in Britain Professor A.J. Boyle Chapter 15 The Structure of Company Management and Shareholder Control in Japan Professor Yoshimichi Hiraide Chapter 16 Globalisation ofInsider-Trading Law Ms Fiona Macmillan Chapter 17 Directors' Duty of Loyalty and Insider Dealings - A Recent Reform Professor Yutaka Tajima Chapter 18 A Comparative Analysis of Anti-Insider Dealing Legislation in Britain, Japan and New Zealand Professor Barry A.K. Rider & Dr Chizu Nakajima Chapter 19 The Importance of Effective Legal Systems - Provisional Remedies in Litigation Mr Yutaka Yazawa, Index