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Commentary on the UN Sales Law (CISG) by BRUNNER

Commentary on the UN Sales Law (CISG)

Edited by Christoph Brunner, Benjamin Gottlieb


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Buyers and sellers engaging in the cross-border sale of goods are well-advised to be conversant with the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG), which governs international sales contracts. The CISG has been ratified by 89 states, which together account for over three-quarters of all world trade. This practically-oriented, article-by-article commentary on the CISG will be useful to legal practitioners, counsel and arbitrators dealing with international sales contracts.

The in-depth annotations deal extensively with the legal issues likely to arise under each CISG article. The annotations include up-to-date analyses of state court and arbitral decisions, the legal doctrines derived from these decisions, and relevant scholarship to date. Among the issues and topics discussed are the following:

• interface with national laws;

• scope of application;

• obligations of seller and buyer;

• non-conforming goods and duty to notify;

• breach of contract and remedies;

• damages;

• force majeure exemption; and

• termination of contract and its consequences.

This book is an updated translation of the second German edition of a valued resource in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, and an authority regularly cited by the Swiss Supreme Court. The commentary is influenced by legal authorities from both civil law and common law backgrounds. Throughout, the contributors refer to the database, enabling users to locate decisions easily.

User-friendly, focused on practical questions, concise but comprehensive, this article-by-article commentary provides a quick and trenchant overview of existing legal opinions and court/arbitral decisions. It will prove immensely valuable to legal practitioners, facilitating their formulation of reliable solutions to legal problems involving the CISG.


Publish Date 03/26/2019
Publish Frequency Annually
Product Line Kluwer Law International
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Table of Contents

List of Contributors

Table of Abbreviations



Commentary on Individual Articles

Part I – Sphere of Application and General Provisions

Chapter I – Sphere of Application

Chapter II – General Provisions

Part II – Formation of the Contract

Part III – Sale of Goods

Chapter I – General Provisions

Chapter II – Obligations of the Seller

Chapter III – Obligations of the Buyer

Chapter IV – Passing of Risk

Chapter V – Provisions Common to the Obligations of the Seller and of the Buyer

Part IV – Final Provisions

Annex A Table of Contracting States; Declarations or Reservations

Annex B Incoterms 2010

Table of Authorities (Commentaries, Articles, Monographs and Online Sources)