Store International Collective Dismissal in the European Union. A Comparative Analysis
Collective Dismissal in the European Union.: A Comparative Analysis by COSIO

Collective Dismissal in the European Union. A Comparative Analysis

Edited by Roberto Cosio, Filippo Curcuruto, Vincenzo Di Cerbo, Giovanni Mammone


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Collective Dismissal in the European Union is a comprehensive practical analysis of collective dismissal in EU Member States. When business imperatives require large enterprises to re-organize, involving a reduction in staff that is legally characterized as a collective dismissal, EU directives and laws across Europe mandate specific procedures to support workers who have been made redundant, and allow for sanctions where regulatory or judicial scrutiny uncovers violations. It is thus essential that a clearly defined framework of the laws and jurisprudence in force in each Member State be provided for businesses and their counsel to ensure compliance and avoid sanctions. This book, the first and only of its kind, provides exactly such an analysis.

What’s in this book:

This book is structured on a country-by-country basis, with each chapter written by an expert in the country, covering and responding concisely to such questions as the following:

  • how is ‘collective dismissal’ calculated?
  • which issues regarding collective layoffs’ procedures trigger legal intervention?
  • what happens when enterprises provide incomplete or delayed information to labour unions or public officials?
  • when can a worker be reinstated or claim compensation?

Each chapter clarifies the extent to which directives have been implemented in the Member States and whether the law in force provides workers with some more favourable treatments than EU actually requires. Jurisprudence and its practical application are analysed from the perspective of the ‘law in action’ rather than that of the ‘law in the books’. A concluding chapter examines global standards and trends in this area of law.

How this will help you:

There is no other publication fully devoted to the subject of collective dismissal, extensively elaborated and supported with case law. As a source of reliable information as manifested in the actions of judges, lawyers, solicitors, firms, and labour unions, this book has no peers. It serves as a handbook to obtain thorough insight into the collective dismissal procedure in each EU Member State, which can then be put to use by lawyers and solicitors specializing in labour law, in-house counsel and human resources professionals at multinational companies, regulatory authorities, and labour unions, as well as by universities and centres of research in the field of European law and labour law.

The editors – Roberto Cosio, Filippo Curcuruto, Vincenzo Di Cerbo and Giovanni Mammone – all have extensive experience in judicial and administrative practice related to EU labour law, particularly in Italy. All are well-known authors in this field.

Publish Date 03/01/2017
Publish Frequency As Needed
Product Line Kluwer Law International
ISBN 9789041158307
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Table of Contents





Chapter 1 Collective Dismissal in Austria

Roland Gerlach

Chapter 2 Collective Dismissal in Belgium

Michela Velardo

Chapter 3 Collective Dismissals in Bulgaria

Krassimira Sredkova

Chapter 4 Collective Dismissal in Croatia

Vania Smokvina

Chapter 5 Collective Dismissal in Cyprus

Nicos Trimikliniotis

Chapter 6 Collective Dismissal in the Republics of Czech

Lubomír Ptáek

Chapter 7 Collective Dismissal in Denmark

Mette Klingsten

Chapter 8 Collective Dismissal in Estonia

Merle Erikson

Chapter 9 Collective Dismissal in Finland

Jorma Saloheimo

Chapter 10 Collective Dismissal in France

Michel Blatman

Chapter 11 Collective Dismissal in the Federal Republic of Germany

Mario Eylert & Reinhard Schinz

Chapter 12 Collective Dismissal in Greece

Andriani Papadopoulou

Chapter 13 Collective Redundancies in Hungary

Tünde Handó

Chapter 14 Collective Dismissal in Ireland

Anthony Kerr

Chapter 15 Collective Dismissals in Italy

Filippo Curcuruto

Chapter 16 Collective Dismissals in Latvia

Dana Rone

Chapter 17 Collective Dismissals in Lithuania

Diana Labokaite

Chapter 18 Collective Dismissals in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

Tom Moes

Chapter 19 Collective Dismissal in Malta

Paul Gonzi

Chapter 20 Collective Dismissal in the Netherlands

Gerrard Boot & Yvonne Erkens

Chapter 21 Collective Dismissals in Poland

Agata Ludera-Ruszel

Chapter 22 Collective Dismissal in Portugal

Filipe César Vilarinho Marques & Paula Mendes Ferreira Roberto

Chapter 23 Collective Dismissal in Romania

Aurelian Gabriel Uluitu

Chapter 24 Collective Dismissals in the Slovak Republic

Pavol Kundrik

Chapter 25 Collective Dismissals in Slovenia

Miran Blaha

Chapter 26 Collective Dismissals in Spain

Antonio Martín Valverde

Chapter 27 Collective Redundancies in Sweden

Pia Nyblaeus

Chapter 28 Collective Dismissals in the United Kingdom

Alan C. Neal

Chapter 29 Regulation of Collective Redundancies: European Union Countries at the Mirror of Global Standards and Trends

Angelika Muller