Store International Coastal State Jurisdiction over Vessel-Source Pollution

Coastal State Jurisdiction over Vessel-Source Pollution

By Erik Jaap Molenaar


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Coastal State Jurisdiction over Vessel-Source Pollution deals with prescriptive and enforcement jurisdiction in international law aimed at preventing, reducing and controlling pollution of the marine environment. The focus is on a single source of pollution, viz. that by vessels, from the perspective of the coastal State.

Prominent in the international legal framework of vessel-source pollution are the LOSC, regulatory conventions such as MARPOL 73/78 and SOLAS 74, and a multitude of other international instruments such as IMO Resolutions.

This book complements their analysis with ample attention to individual state practice, for instance unilateral declarations, legislation, and actual exercises of enforcement. The considerable amount of state practice and up-to-date information on developments at IMO give insight into the way in which the LOSC legal regime of coastal State jurisdiction over vessel-source pollution operates in practice.

The wide range of issues brought forward in this book illustrates the extremely complex, but equally fascinating character of coastal State jurisdiction over vessel-source pollution.

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Table of Contents
  1. Vessel-Source Pollution in International Law
  2. Nature and Politics of Vessel-Source Pollution
  3. The International Legal Framework of Vessel-Source Pollution
  4. Jurisdiction
  5. Regulating Vessel-Source Pollution
  6. Port and Internal Waters
  7. Territorial Sea
  8. Contiguous Zone
  9. Straits and Archipelagic Waters
  10. Exclusive Economic Zone
  11. Special Pollution Prevention Areas
  12. Safeguards
  13. Dispute Settlement
  14. Vessel-Source Air Pollution
  15. Conclusions