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Civil False Claims and Qui Tam Actions, Fourth Edition Civil False Claims and Qui Tam Actions, Fourth Edition

Civil False Claims and Qui Tam Actions, Fourth Edition

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Civil False Claims and Qui Tam Actions is an essential weapon for bringing or defending a qui tam action. This Fourth Edition, two-volume treatise provides comprehensive analysis of The Civil False Claims Statute and a balanced approach to every important aspect of case preparation and litigation -- from establishing the merits of a whistleblower claim to determining the formula for arriving at the qui tam plaintiff's award.

Civil False Claims and Qui Tam Actions, frequently cited by the courts, is clearly and concisely written to:

  • walk you, step-by-step, through each phase of case preparation, from the perspective of both plaintiff-relator and whistleblower defendant
  • spell out the unique procedural requirements in a civil false claims action -- from the applicability of statute of limitation rules to the scope of discovery under a "civil investigation demand" by the federal government
  • explain how to draft a whistleblower complaint
  • collect, organize and interpret the controlling case law
  • direct you to the relevant statutory whistleblower provisions, rules and regulations that apply to the issues under discussion
  • analyze the legislative history of The False Claims Act and explains why it is essential to the success of a prosecutor's or defense's cause of action
  • and alert you to emerging trends in civil false claims and qui tam actions

For the best guidance on how to bring or defend a qui tam action, consult the civil false claims specialist - John T. Boese. John T. Boese is an expert author and litigation partner in the Washington, DC law office of Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson. with more than 25 years of experience in civil fraud cases, both as a former DOJ attorney and as defense counsel. In a clear and straightforward manner, he offers his expert analysis of recent developments on:

  • The Supreme Court's decision on "original source" in Rockwell
  • The recent trend by state legislatures to enact false claims laws that mirror the federal law.
  • The "presentment" requirement Corporate liability under The Civil False Claims Act
  • Interpreting the public disclosure bar and original source requirement
  • Challenges to sufficiency of FCA complaints under Rule 9(b)

The Civil False Claims Act has captured the attention of any organization doing business with the federal government, for very good reasons:

  • Virtually any person that receives, spends or uses federal money may be liable under The Civil False Claims Act.
  • Private individuals, including employees can be whistleblowers on contractor fraud by bringing a qui tam lawsuit on behalf of the federal government - and receive up to 30% of any judgment or settlement.
  • The courts have upheld highly creative claims brought under The Civil False Claims Act.

Don't get lost in the maze of changing, complicated, and confusing qui tam provisions, whistleblower rules, and civil false claims regulations!

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