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China Master Business Law Guide: Legislation

China Master Business Law Guide: Legislation

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When it comes to legal issues, business investors in China quickly discover that a lot of what they relied upon elsewhere doesn’t apply here. Emerging as it has from a unique and formidable economic system, China’s business law regime is radically unlike any other on earth. And it’s always changing – new and revised laws and regulations appear with great frequency. Know the Laws. That’s what the Legislation volume of CCH’s China Master Business Law Guide is about. As an investment strategy, knowing the laws is second only to being prepared. (Another volume in the series, Commentary and Analysis, has this strategy covered.) In the Legislation volume you’ll find texts of all the China business laws and regulations you’ll ever need, with English translations that have elicited nothing but the highest praise from legal scholars familiar with both languages. With Chinese and English texts on facing pages, the book gives you: • all general laws on companies, securities, property rights, product quality, and contracts; • all specific laws on partnerships, joint ventures, co-operative ventures, wholly foreign-owned enterprises, mergers and acquisitions, and bankruptcy; • regulations on registration of companies and capital, foreign investment, initial public offerings, listing of shares, and investment in domestic securities, and much more; • intellectual property and competition laws, including the controversial and powerful anti-monopoly law; and • all laws on labour contracts and dispute resolution.

Publish Date 09/10/2009
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