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China Master Business Law Guide: Case Law

China Master Business Law Guide: Case Law

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Foreign businesses that are engaged in or considering doing business with China have an obvious need to acquire a greater understanding of the evolving legal environment within which they will have to operate. China admittedly has made the great strides in passing foreign trade and investment legislation, yet the implementation of these laws remains a pressing problem. Lawyers working with foreign clients often pointed out that some provisions in foreign trade and investment regulations are often so broad and sketchy that it is difficult to be certain of correct interpretation. There is also no systematic compilation of case-law precedents that would aid in the interpretation of statutes and regulations. Another problem in China is that besides published regulations, government agencies often issue internal unpublished rules, which are inaccessible to outsiders and which at times are the real rules under which the agency operates. To navigate through practical obstacles, foreign investors and their consultants should keep close track of latest legal developments as well as draw on best practice and experience in successful stories. This Book is a compilation of best practices and case studies in China legal practice pertaining to foreign investments. It provides an illustration on how leading companies in China have achieved operational excellence through well-honed strategies. Our case selection focuses on the hottest issues in areas of foreign-related investment in China, including incorporation and operational issues of FIEs, corporate governance, intellectual property right protection and strategies, capital restructuring, international trade and dispute resolution etc.

• Provides a comprehensive guide on the best of legal practice in China foreign investments

• Provides an insight into major trends and developments that affect doing business in China

• Written for legal practitioners by leading legal practitioners

• Easy-to-digest content which covers all hottest issues in areas of foreign-related investment in China

• A one-stop resource for best practices and case studies in China foreign investments.

• Well-structured index

Publish Date 12/18/2009
Publish Frequency Annually
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ISBN 9789041132222
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Company Law Disputes • Chapter 2 - Labour Law Disputes • Chapter 3 - Contract Law Disputes • Chapter 4- Arbitration Disputes • Chapter 5 - Disputes with regard to Civil Procedure Law • Chapter 6 - Intellectual Property Law Disputes Subchapter One: Trademark Disputes Subchapter Two: Patent Disputes Subchapter Three: Unfair competition Disputes Subchapter Four: Disputes on Right of Communication Subchapter Five : Copyright Subchapter Six: Trade Secret Disputes
Chapter 7 - Banking Disputes • Chapter 8 - Security Law Disputes