Store International Changing Industrial Relations and Modernisation of Labour Law: Liber Amicorum in Honour of Professor Marco Biagi
Changing Industrial Relations and Modernisation of Labour Law: Liber Amicorum in Honour of Professor Marco Biagi

Changing Industrial Relations and Modernisation of Labour Law: Liber Amicorum in Honour of Professor Marco Biagi

Edited by Roger Blanpain†, Manfred Weiss


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Thirty-three distinguished authorities in the field of labour and industrial relations law gather here to enhance and complement the work of the late Marco Biagi, a man who, at the time of his violent and untimely death, had shown himself to be the most insightful and committed international scholar in this complex and controversial and, as it proved, even dangerous field.

The topics covered range over many of Professor Biagi's special interests, including the following:

  • the formulation of a new basis for labour law that could resolve new issues;
  • employee protection in corporate restructuring;
  • the trend toward individual 'enterprise bargaining';
  • a new European employment policy and what it might entail;
  • the growing phenomenon of 'flexibilisation';
  • the effects of an aging workforce;
  • the crucial nexus of free trade, labour, and human rights;
  • the promise of EU enlargement; and
  • protection of part-time workers.

    There is a lot of insight, innovation, and just clear thinking in this wide-ranging and far-reaching book. It will be of exceptional value to scholars, lawyers, and others concerned with the extensive and unpredictable changes under way in today's world of work.

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    Table of Contents
    1. List of Contributors
    2. Curriculum Vitae of Marco Biagi
    3. Foreword; R. Blanpain, M. Weiss
    4. Marco Biagi: The Man and the Master; M. Tiraboschi
    5. Modernisation of Labour Law and Changing Industrial Relations in Latin America; L. Aparicio-Valdez
    6. Corporate Restructuring and Employee Protection: Japan's New Experiment; T. Araki
    7. Modernisation of Labour Law and Industrial Relations: The Age Factor; R. Ben-Israel
    8. The Role of the Court of Justice in the Making of European Labour Law; R. Blanpain
    9. Discutendo intorno all'art. 18 dello Statuto dei Lavoratori; F. Carinci
    10. Modernising Australian Labour Law: Individualisation and the Shift from 'Compulsory' Conciliation and Arbitration to Enterprise Bargaining; B.Creighton
    11. Labour-Only Contracting: The Norwegian Way; S. Evju
    12. Lex Laboris: Quo Vadis? The Swedish Experience; R. Fahlbeck
    13. Law Reform, American Style: Thoughts on a Restatement of the Law of Employment; M.W. Finkin
    14. Reflections on the Evolving Environment of Industrial Relations; A. Gladstone
    15. Assessing Employment Policies from an Organic Perspective: The Needed Transition from Job Security and Job Welfare to Personal Security and Welfare; A. Goldman
    16. Deregulation and International Regulation: An Asian Perspective; T. Hanami
    17. Four Approaches to the Modernisation of Individual Employment Rights; B. Hepple
    18. Changing Perspectives of Dismissal Protection; A. Jacobs
    19. Pour une contribution des universitaires à la dynamique des normes internationales du travail; J.-C. Javillier
    20. The Employment Chapter of the Amsterdam Treaty: Towards a New European Employment Policy? B.K. Keller
    21. Needed: American Leadership for a Global Work and Employment Policy; T.A. Kochan
    22. The Contemporary Trends of Labour Law in Western Europe as the Mirror of the EC Convention on the Law Applicable to Contractual Obligations; J.-P. Laborde
    23. Dispute Settlement Procedures and Flexibilisation of Employment Relations: Remedies against Unfair Dismissal under Italian Law; S. Liebman
    24. Flexible Rules or Rigid Labour Relations? Some Reflections about French Labour Law Facing with Technological, Economic and Social Contemporary Changes; M.-F. Mialon
    25. Do We Need a Social Policy for Europe? A. Neal
    26. La nueva dimensión del derecho del trabajo; M. Rodriguez-Piñero y Bravo-Ferrer
    27. The Limits on Rationality; J. Rojot
    28. The Codification of Russian Labour Law: Issues and Perspectives; O. Rymkevitch
    29. The Need of Modernising German Labour Law Arising from the Ban of Age Discrimination; M. Schmidt
    30. Basic Agreements on Poland; M. Sewerynski
    31. Free Trade v. Labour Rights/Human Rights: Doubts, Definitions, Difficulties; C.W. Summers
    32. Dove va il Modello Giapponese di Lavoro? Y. Suwa
    33. Protection of Part-Time Workers in the Case Law of the Court of Justice of the European Communities; E. Traversa
    34. What Can European Governments Do for Employment Policies? T. Treu
    35. Industrial Relations and EU Enlargement; M. Weiss
    36. Japan's Labour Relations Commissions and the Modernisation of Industrial Relations; K. Yamaguchi
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