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Challenges to Multilateral Trade: The Impact of Bilateral, Preferential and Regional Agreements by

Challenges to Multilateral Trade: The Impact of Bilateral, Preferential and Regional Agreements

Edited by Ross P. Buckley , Vai Io Lo, Laurence Boulle


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Progress in multilateral negotiations to liberalize trade under the World Trade Organization (WTO) has become more difficult since newer members are generally developing countries with different interests than the United States, the European Union and other industrialized countries.

More than 250 free trade agreements (FTAs) have come into effect since 1948. Partly as a result of the WTO impasse, over 130 FTAs have been ratified just in the past ten years; each agreement has been designed to eliminate trade restrictions and subsidies between the parties involved. Almost all of the WTO Members participate in one or more FTAs (some Members are party to twenty or more).

Most books on FTAs are country- or region-specific, while others deal with the subject from a particular perspective. This timely work – produced by some of the world’s leading experts in their respective fields – employs a broader approach exploring FTAs from the interdisciplinary perspectives of international law, political economy, culture and human rights.

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Table of Contents

PART I Multilateralism, Regionalism and Bilateralism. Multilateralism: The Doha Round and the Hong Kong Declaration; The Honourable Christine Lagarde. Trade and Security Tango; The Honourable Tim Fischer PART II Policies and Strategies for Trade Liberalization. The Prisoners’ Dilemma and FTAs: Applying Game Theory toTrade Liberalization Strategy; Meredith Kolsky Lewis Japanese Policies toward East Asian Free Trade. Agreements: Policy and Legal Perspectives; Mitsuo Matsushita. The RTA Strategy of China: A Critical Visit; Henry Gao. Stepping Stones and Stumbling Blocks: Vietnam’s Regional. Trade Arrangements and WTO Accession; Lisa Toohey PART III Established Models and Emerging. Models of FTAs. Regional Trade, the WTO and the NAFTA Model; Maureen Irish. The Australia–United States Free Trade Agreement; Andrew D. Mitchell The Beginning of Economic Integration between East Asia and North America? The US–Korea FTA; Yong-Shik Lee PART V Impact of FTAs on Specific Areas. Services and Investment in the Free Trade Agreements: Liberalization, Regulation and Law; Chris Arup. The Legitimacy and Purpose of Intellectual Property Chapters in FTAs; Susy Frankel. Developing States, the Generalized System of Preferences and Trade Measures to Enhance Human Rights; Dr Anthony E Cassimatis Preferential Trade and Cultural Products; Michael Hahn. Dispute Settlement under PTAs: Political or Legal?; David Morgan Further Reading. Index

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