Store International Capital Markets in the Age of the Euro: Cross-Border Transactions, Listed Companies and Regulation
Capital Markets in the Age of the Euro: Cross-Border Transactions, Listed Companies and Regulation by Guido Ferrarini, Klaus J. Hopt, Eddy Wymeersch

Capital Markets in the Age of the Euro: Cross-Border Transactions, Listed Companies and Regulation

By Guido Ferrarini, Klaus J. Hopt, Eddy Wymeersch


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The integration of European--indeed, global--capital markets has been under way for quite some time. However, the adoption of the single European currency crystallises the process, solving many old problems at the same time as it creates new challenges.

In this wide-ranging book, 28 notable practitioners and academics--including economists, regulators, and lawyers--pool their prodigious resources to analyse the current and future issues affecting investment, conduct of business rules, stock exchanges, trading, and company law.

Originally designed as a research project, this finished work was developed from individual research and first drafts through group discussion to a final interconnected achievement. Since the authors met at a conference in Genoa in November 2000 on the initiative of four major European law faculties, a number of pertinent regulatory developments have taken place, notably the Lamfalussy Report and the adoption of various proposals by the European Commission. Analysis of the impact of such recent and ongoing events has been incorporated into this final text.

Among other significant matters affecting capital markets, the authors discuss the following:

  • conflict of laws issues;
  • on-line trading;
  • clearing and settlement systems;
  • takeovers; and
  • relevant soft law.

    As an authoritative guide to the likely development of investment practices, regulatory measures, and financial and company law in the coming years, this volume is unmatched for its penetrating analysis and prognosis. No investor, company lawyer, or regulator can afford to leave it unexamined.

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    Table of Contents
    Preface, List of Contributors, List of Abbreviations PART I THE INTERNAL MARKET AND INVESTOR PROTECTION 1 Financial services and the internal market David O’Keeffe and Nelius Carey 2 Investor protection and the Treaty: an uneasy relationship Niamh Moloney PART II CONDUCT OF BUSINESS 3 Conduct of business rules and their implementation in the EU Member States Michel Tison 4 The sophisticated investor and the ISD Jane Welch 5 Conduct of business rules and collective investment schemes Filippo Annunziata PART III FINANCIAL SERVICES AND THE INTERNET 6 Trading on-line and the protection of the consumer Guido Alpa 7 Is the E-Commerce Directive the best solution to achieving an integrated internal market in financial services? Carlo Biancheri 8 Jurisdiction, conflicts of law and the Internet William Blair and David Quest PART IV EXCHANGE GOVERNANCE 9 Customer-controlled firms: the case of financial exchanges Carmine Di Noia 10 Different stock exchange interest groups Susanne Kalss 11 Is governance an issue for plumbers? Preliminary remarks on consolidation of securities settlement systems Giovanni Sabatini and Isadora Tarola PART V TRANSNATIONAL MARKETS 12 Securities regulation and the rise of pan-European securities markets: an overview Guido Ferrarini 13 Regulatory implications of an exchange merger Susanne Bergsträsser 14 The performance of European stock exchanges: evidence from listing decisions Marco Pagano 15 Internationalisation of primary public securities markets revisited Hal S. Scott 16 Cross-border financial transactions: 25 questions to consider in making risk management decisions Andrea M. Corcoran 17 The European Directive of 19 May 1998 on settlement finality in payment and securities settlement systems Diego Devos PART VI CROSS-BORDER TAKEOVERS 18 The duties of the directors of the target company in hostile takeovers – German and European perspectives Klaus J. Hopt 19 Takeovers and conflicts of law Anton K. Schnyder 20 The 13th Directive on takeover bids – formation and principles Philippe Lambrecht PART VII COMPANY LAW AND JURISDICTIONAL COMPETITION 21 The use of ICT in company law matters Eddy Wymeersch 22 Centros and the proper law of companies Peter Behrens 23 The Centros case and the rise of an EC market for corporate law Francesco Munari and Paolo Terrile 24 Regulatory competition in European company law – some different genius? Stefan Grundmann, Index