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Capital Markets Handbook, Sixth Edition by John C. Burch, Jr. ,Bruce S. Foerster Capital Markets Handbook, Sixth Edition by John C. Burch, Jr. ,Bruce S. Foerster

Capital Markets Handbook, Sixth Edition

By John C. Burch, Jr., Bruce S. Foerster
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Capital Markets Handbook

Capital Markets Handbook, Sixth Edition is the definitive desk reference for capital market professionals and a complete resource for anyone working in the financial markets field. Written by seasoned professionals in association with the SIA, Capital Markets Handbook covers the latest developments in major securities legislation, and all aspects of documentation, underwriting, pricing, distribution, settlement, immediate aftermarket trading of new issues, compliance issues, a glossary, a bibliography, and appendices containing the full text of the primary statutes and regulations. The Sixth Edition includes coverage of new developments, including compliance issues such as:

  • New amendments to NASD Rule 2710 ("The Corporate Financing Rule") governing underwriting compensation
  • Updates on PIPE and Registered Direct Transactions
  • Amendments to Rule 10b-18 governing corporate repurchase of equity securities
  • Online Dutch auction procedures in use for the Google, Inc. IPO
  • United Kingdom Financial Service Authority guidance on conflict of interest regarding pricing and allocation issues which have been adopted by one major U.S. investment bank
  • Amendments to Rule 105 Regulation M concerning short selling in connection with public offerings
  • Currency conversion in settlement of a global offering
  • NASD Rule 2790-Restriction on the Purchase and Sale of IPO equity securities
  • NASD IPO Distribution Manager procedures for filing with NASD Corporate Financing
  • Proposed NASD Rule 2712 concerning allocation and distribution of shares in an initial public offering
  • A reorganized compliance chapter in a checklist format designed to ease and enhance CEO and CFO Compliance Certification required by a proposed amendment to NASD Rule 3010 (Supervision) and the adoption of Interpretive Material 3010-1
  • And more

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Pages 1212
Last Updated 10/10/2019
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Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1: Introduction to the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Federal Securities Laws
  • Chapter 2: Due Diligence and Underwriting Documentation
  • Chapter 3: Underwriting and New Issue Marketing Processes
  • Chapter 4: Deal Pricing
  • Chapter 5: Forms of New Issue Allocation, Distribution, and Aftermarket Trading
  • Chapter 6: Settlement and Delivery
  • Chapter 7: Compliance
  • Chapter 8: Self-Regulation Concept, Major Domestic and Selected International Securities Markets, Settlements and Clearing Facilities
  • Appendices
  • Glossary
  • Service-Marked Derivative Securities
  • Bibliography/Suggested Reference Sources
  • Index
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