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Bromberg and Ribstein on Partnership, Second Edition Bromberg and Ribstein on Partnership, Second Edition

Bromberg and Ribstein on Partnership, Second Edition

By Christine Hurt, D. Gordon Smith, Alan R. Bromberg, Larry E. Ribstein
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The definitive reference on general and limited partnership law covering formation and dissolution of partnerships, partnership property, enforcement of rights and obligations, dissolution and winding up, liability, litigating among partners, continuation of dissolved partnership; authored by experts who drafted substantial portions of the Revised Uniform Partnership Act - Christine Hurt, Gordon Smith, Alan R. Bromberg, Larry E. Ribstein.

From leading authors who have drafted partnership and LLC statutes and substantial parts of RUPA (Revised Uniform Partnership Act) itself, here is the definitive work on today's revolutionary new partnership law. You'll find a wealth of practical and insightful guidance in such areas of general and limited partnership law as:

  • Formation of partnership and partnership property
  • Power of partners to find partnership
  • Enforcement of rights and obligations
  • Dissolution and winding up.

Bromberg and Ribstein on Partnership, Second Edition provides planning strategies, drafting tips, and other expert guidance you can put right to work in your practice. They clearly detail such considerations as:

  • Protecting a limited partner from liability when the partnership has not been properly organized
  • Litigating among partners and partnerships
  • Continuation of dissolved partnership and assumption of liability.

Whether advising clients or planning for your own practice, Bromberg and Ribstein on Partnership, Second Edition is unquestionably your best source of answers to partnership questions.

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Table of Contents


  • Chapter 1.  Introduction
  • Chapter 2.  Partnership Formation 
  • Chapter 3.  Partnership Property
  • Chapter 4.  Power of Partners to Bind Partnership
  • Chapter 5.  Enforcement of Partnership Rights and Obligations
  • Chapter 6.  Rights and Duties Among the Partners
  • Chapter 7. Dissociation, Dissolution, and Winding Up


  • Chapter 8.  Introduction
  • Chapter 9.  Nature and Formation of Limited Partnership
  • Chapter 10.  Limited Partnership Property and Interests in Limited Partnerships
  • Chapter 11.  Power of Partners to Bind Limited Partnership 
  • Chapter 12.  Enforcement of Limited Partnership Rights and Obligations
  • Chapter 13.  Rights and Duties Among the Partners in Limited Partnerships 
  • Chapter 14.  Dissociation, Dissolution, and Winding Up of Limited Partnerships


  • Appendix A: Uniform Partnership Act (1914)
  • Appendix B: Uniform Partnership Act (1996) with 1997 Amendment
  • Appendix C: Delaware Revised Uniform Partnership Act
  • Appendix D-1: Texas Business Organizations Code, Title 1 (General Provisions)
  • Appendix D-2: Texas Business Organizations Code, Title 4 (Partnerships)
  • Appendix E: Uniform Limited Partnership Act (1916)
  • Appendix F: Uniform Limited Partnership Act (1976), with 1985 Amendments and Prefatory Note
  • Appendix G: Uniform Limited Partnership Act (2001)
  • Appendix H: Delaware Revised Uniform Limited Partnership Act
  • Appendix I: Uniform Business Organizations Code (UBOC) (2011)
  • Appendix I-1: UBOC Article 1: Business Organizations Act (a/k/a the Hub) (2011) (Last Amended 2013)
  • Appendix I-2: Model Entity Transactions Act (META) (2007) (Last Amended 2013)
  • Appendix I-3: Uniform Partnership Act (1997)
  • Appendix I-4: Uniform Limited Partnership Act (2001)
  • Table of Cases
  • Table of Statutes
  • Table of Uniform and Model Acts
  • Table of Restatements of the Law
  • Index
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