Store Corporate Blue Chip Economic Indicators: Archive from 2000+ (Excel)
Blue Chip Economic Indicators: Archive from 2000+ (Excel)

Blue Chip Economic Indicators: Archive from 2000+ (Excel)

By Haver Analytics

Since 1976, Blue Chip Economic Indicators has surveyed America's top business economists, collecting their forecasts the U.S. economic growth, inflation, interest rates and a host of other critical indicators of future business activity. We then published the panel members' predictions along with an average, or consensus, of their forecasts for each variable. We've done this because studies have repeatedly shown that combining the predictions of many forecasters yields more accurate results over time than reliance on any single forecaster.

This valuable Excel archive contains all the consensus forecasts of U.S annual economic activity published monthly in Blue Chip Economic Indicators since 2002. Separate tables for each calendar year contain 24 sets of consensus forecasts, plus an average of the 10 highest and the 10 lowest forecasts for each variable, resulting from our monthly survey of prominent business forecasts.

The files are an invaluable tool for researchers that wish to test the ability of forecasters to accurately predict future trends in economic growth, inflation, industrial production, personal consumption, housing starts, interest rates and other indicators of economic activity.


Joseph Aguinaldo
Executive Editor of Blue Chip Economic Indicators and Blue Chip Financial Forecasts

Carol Stone, CBE
Contributing Editor

Sandy Batten
Contributing Editor

Thomas J. Moeller
Contributing Editor 

Publish Date 10/01/2001
Publish Frequency 12 issues per year
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ISBN 9111140203
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