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By Wolters Kluwer Editorial Staff
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One-stop for quick answers to thousands of Benefits questions!

BenefitsAnswersNow™ provides you one source for expert guidance, presented in a straightforward, question and answer format. Designed for fast access, it offers the best of both worlds — expert CCH® research and explanations, in a real world, solutions based format.

BenefitsAnswersNow™ focuses specifically on benefits and benefits related issues with a depth of coverage not found in other, more generalized human resource references. What's more, its intuitive user interface points you in the right direction immediately, so you're not tying up your day searching through extraneous information.

You can use BenefitsAnswersNow's™ sample benefits plans and policies to create or modify your own. You can also utilize the complete text of benefits related federal laws and regulations, when you want to intensify your research.

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Table of Contents
  • 401 K and Other Retirement Benefits
  • Health Benefits / COBRA
  • Time Off / Leave Issues
  • Benefits Communication
  • Benefits Administration
  • Small Budget Solutions
  • Miscellaneous Benefits