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Edited by Matthias Scherer
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Switzerland is generally regarded as one of the World's leading situs for arbitration proceedings. The membership of the Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA) is graced not only by Swiss arbitrators but also by many of the world's best-known arbitration practitioners. The Statistical Report of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has repeatedly ranked Switzerland first for place of arbitration, origin of arbitrators and applicable law.

Since its inception in 1983, the Bulletin has carved a unique niche for its detailed focus on arbitration case law and practice worldwide as well as for its judicious selection of scholarly and practical writing in the field. Its regular contents include:

  • Articles;
  • Leading cases of the Swiss Federal Tribunal, which has exclusive jurisdiction over all appeals against international arbitral awards rendered in Switzerland;
  • Relevant leading cases of other Swiss courts;
  • Selected landmark cases from jurisdictions worldwide;
  • Arbitral awards and acts of procedure rendered both in ad hoc arbitrations and in administrated arbitrations under various auspices, including ICC, ICSID, CCIG and NAFTA;
  • A complete list of forthcoming arbitration conferences;
  • Notices of publications important fro arbitration practice, including articles in other reviews and An annual index in English, French and German.

    Each case and article is published in its original language with a comprehensive head note in English, French and German.

    The ASA Bulletin is among the most refreshing, original and international of all international arbitration reviews. It has become an indispensable reference tool for all practitioners involved in international arbitration.

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